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Small but stylish black and white interior apartment with red accents

Apartment with red accents in Kiev (56 sq. M) - 17

Due to red accents, this minimalistic interior black and white apartment of a girls really has it’s own character and individuality. Red color is very brave and not very popular among interior designers, but in the interior it looks very modern, it does not strain the eyes, in this black and white interior this red color is used very wisely. Overall, this minimalistic interior of a small apartment leave a pleasant and holistic impression, especially taking into the account it’s small 590 square feet. This apartment has a very rational and well thought-out minimalistic interior design with a lot of interesting small space solutions.
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Bright design by interior design Studio DB small space solutions

Bright design by Studio JB - 19

To describe the studio interiors from New York interior design Studio DB in three words, it would be: light, bright and creative. Designers are bold in their ideas and are not afraid of color splashes and expressive textures. The company’s portfolio is not only spacious apartments and houses, but small space solutions for small apartments, so a couple of useful solutions for themselves will be able to learn, perhaps each. New York Style. Interior design Studio.
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Small space solutions in small apartment in Sweden only 319 sq.ft

Small Studio in Sweden (29 sq.m) - 7

The interior of the small apartment studio in Gothenburg Sweden is very concise and practical. The area of the apartment of 319 sq.ft., and an important role in the design plays a variety of colors. You will be able to find some small space solutions here. Regular Scandinavian style option – it is white, but for the owner of the apartment it seemed too boring. As a result, for the main colors were chosen deep shades of gray, steel accents and black and white details. Despite of a really spall space in this apartment, here you’ll find everything – a compact kitchen, sofa, a bed on the second floor above the closet, and even a full walk-in closet!
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A compact but spacious apartment in Gothenburg -

A compact but spacious apartment in Gothenburg - 22

Due to the high ceilings (3.30 m) and large windows, this apartment of 50 square meters doesn’t look that small. The bedroom is separated from the living room and the kitchen with the wall, but not deaf, and with windows in the ceiling edge. Kitchen with high cabinets, which can be reach only by substituting a ladder, place in a secluded corner. The largest area is occupied by a living room with a dining table and a sofa area.  » Read more

Grey interior with orange accents in Sweden

Grey interior with orange accents in Sweden - 14

In this case, the gray color does not mean boring and monotony. In a counterpart, this apartment in Stockholm with gray interior shows that grey interiors can be very stylish and comfortable. All shades of gray from gentle mist to wet asphalt color with white “base” were skillfully added to this gorgeous apartment. Orange color and light wood create different bright noticeable accents. Interior of a living room was perfectly combined with adding black and white carpet, and decoration of the bedroom was really unusual with the chandelier and fancy pictures.
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