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Fabulous Style Townhouse in New York City

Fabulous Townhouse in New York City - 11

This fabulous Townhouse in New York is designed by the Kevin Darkan Architect and interior design studio, striking in every detail, and demonstrates a very precise definition of luxury in our time. The basis, of course, the American vision of design with its usual mix of very different cultures “in one bottle.” Sophisticated ceiling structures evoke thoughts of the loft, wooden beams – a chalet decor and partially containing elements of ethnic style.

Nice modern New York Style interior. Townhouse interior. The Kevin Dark Architect and interior design studio.
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Beautiful townhouse interior design in London creative interior design

Beautiful design in London - 9

This  townhouse interior is a wonderful creative interior of a house in London created by a talented interior design studio. Details here touch your life and your soul. How do you like this light-stand-statue, a tribute to the Venetian tradition of sculpture? Or bright yellow ceiling lamp in the expressionism style? Vintage furniture, vintage mirrors, vintage wardrobes which harmoniously coexist with outright kitsch (a huge painting of a girl on a background of chalk entries). Cell as in the fairy tale “The Nightingale and the Rose” and here in the bedroom wall graffiti! Combinations of surprise, amaze and fascinate. Against the background of the walls and ceilings of milk every object is seen even more clearly. Playing with different time and cultural- basic principle of design. Interior for intelligent persons, free from stereotypes.

Creative interior by London interior design studio, Vintage Furniture in a nice modern townhouse.
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Classic interior of a townhouse in Montreal in dark colors

Classic interior in dark colors - 11

This charming L-shaped townhouse in Montreal was built in 1923. Now the house is quite modern, but still a very elegant classical interior atmosphere reigns in it, which ideally combines functionality and beauty. The main components of the interior design are carpets, paintings and fine furniture in the style of Louis XVI. A dramatic dark tones and gold this design details are added touch of luxury to this classic interior.
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Modern eclecticism for townhouse in Chicago

Modern eclecticism for townhouse in Chicago4

This juicy, emotional design is designed for townhouse in Chicago. Modernity is felt here in all. Since the mixing of styles, which is expressed primarily in the combination of simple things (a pile of firewood, a bike on the wall) and grace (fireplace in the Renaissance style, with stucco, exquisite lamps in the living room and dining room). And finishing richness, originality tones and shades, which seem in themselves are a piece of furniture. Sky-blue, blue-green, milk, raspberry, mocha and graphite – the most relevant combination of modernity. Virtuosity designer is that the classical form (sofas and chairs filled with retro and classic), he put such a bold, beautiful colors. This is a real find. The interior is very fresh, alive and causes a storm of positive emotions. It is designed for those who see in the new normal, looking for fresh ideas in everyday life.
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