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Old-fashioned tradition and vibrant modern interior style in USA interior

House in Utah: the connection of tradition and vibrant modernity - 17

This snow-white house in Utah looks both old-fashioned and like a modern interior. Small house with large windows and the main entrance stretched along the street and has just two floors. What makes this interior old-fashioned is the finished stone walls and beamed ceiling is dark, but it does not look dull and old, in front of such great shape in harmony with modern interior design. The color scheme of this usa interior is traditional, pastel, with color accents in the form of a bright blue and colorful chairs, colorful paintings and accessories. Cool mix of traditions, colors and modern design items!
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Large French house in the United States by Alice Lane interior design studio

Alice Lane interior design studio - large french house in the US

Designers from Alice Lane interior design studio with more warmly about the project a huge French mansion in Utah, even among themselves to call it their baby. The team worked on the project from scratch and spent for it’s implementation a few years, so it is not surprising such emotional attachment to this house. This is a wonderful usa interior.
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American Style House in New York with a spacious backyard and pond

House in the United States with a spacious backyard and pond - 10

The main advantage of this house is it’s advanced age. This small house in New York, USA, is more than a hundred years old. During the reconstruction of the interior designer Shawn Henderson decided not to overload the interior with modern elements, and to focus on its architectural heritage and magnificent surroundings – just a few pieces of furniture, but at the expense of white-beamed ceilings a lot of air, and from the windows without curtains overlooking the spacious backyard .
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The house surrounded by vineyards – american style wooden interior

The house is surrounded by vineyards

Not far from the coast of the state of Massachusetts is a small island with an interesting name – Martha’s Vineyard (Martha’s Vineyard). It was here among the grape fields, lies this exquisite mansion. The main colors of the interior – a combination of white, beige and brown, complemented by parts olive and blue. At first it seems that the character of the house resembles the venerable gentleman, who loves the classics and refinement. Beautiful wooden interior of american style. This is a good example of classic usa interior. » Read more

A fresh look at the interior of a traditional country house in the US

A fresh look at the interior of a traditional country house in the US - 9

The project of this house in Massachusetts has been both challenging and interesting. A family of five people wanted their new home look more open, modern, and comfortable for living. This eclectic and colorful interior is very near to a family comfort. Designers have decided to use the items in rustic style and a variety of expensive materials such as bronze, oak and marble. In general this interior received an overall style of elegance and refined look.
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The stylish interior of the house in Miami

The stylish interior of the house in Miami - 12

This stylish snow-white house in Miami incorporates the best of the world: the interior has turned light with splashes of bright southern colors, as well as a very relaxing and adjusts to the good mood. Wow, that is an extension of the house in the outside environment: due to the large windows and the snow-white decoration and furniture in the room a lot of light and pastel colors and bright accents complement the image of the great house at a seaside resort.
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Family house in New York state – American comfort for children

Family house in upstate New York - 11

A young couple with two children turned to a designer with a controversial goal: to design a house that would be fashionable, but also comfortable for children. Balance was achieved through the skilful use of textures and contrasts. Accents of brass, furs and rugs add a touch of glamor to the interiors. The palette of charcoal and cream hues used throughout, which creates a sense of drama and complexity, while providing a living environment for families.
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Cottage built in 1870 in a new guise

Cottage built in 1870 in a new guise - 9

The parents of the former owner of this house built it 150 years ago, this charming little cottage in New York state. Half a century later descendants have decided not to continue the family history, and to sell the house to the person who will take care of this place. And this happened! The house appeared in good hands, and renovation was not long in coming. Previously, this building served as a guest house and stables.
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XXI century Castle in Texas – looks like an old school interior…

Castle KsHI century in Texas - 10

In the yard in 2016, but many still dream to live in castles. This is such a wonderful estate is located in Frisco, Texas, USA. In addition to the tower, shutters and stone finishes here, perhaps, nothing more reminiscent of the castles of centuries past. Inside you will see a very modern and bright interior – no Dark Ages. Warm beige and gray-brown colors makes the interior very restrained and classic. This style is perfectly consistent with the spirit of the big house, the family estate, in addition, this classic will appeal to any member of the family. There were however, no attributes inherent in the castle: fireplace, crystal chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings, a modern interpretation of a wine cellar and a cot with a crown and canopy. Elegant and interesting embodiment of the concept of “Castle of the XXI century” – a truly old school house

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Beautiful classic spacious home in the United States

Beautiful classic spacious home in the United States

The classic facade of the house owners in the United States inspired the creation of the same elegant and rather austere interior. Color solution built on contrasts: black walls and white door, gray textiles and light walls, or, conversely, dark curtains and pillows and white furniture. “Base” complemented the brown furniture and yellow and purple accents. The house has a lot of mirrors and objects of silver and metal, as well as dizayer added a lot of different prints and fabrics that will certainly dilute the strict classics. This balance between restraint and relaxation needs all kinds of interiors, because it is in such harmony is born truth.
Source: Chango
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