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Charming white interior of apartment in Stockholm


Tell me how they do it? How can Scandinavians so easily create such an incredibly harmonious white interiors, filled with life and light, if this is not cool and not boring! Scandinavian designers are truly masters of their craft. Just look at the colors of the game – taken as a basis white, but with the addition of barely noticeable tones and pastel shades, interior like blossoms. Nothing extra in this interior – everything is perfect in white…

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The stylish modern white interior from Canada


When the couple started the construction of their first house (now it is a family with three children), it was immediately clear that they want a bright white modern interior with a little bit of neutral colors, something simple, informal and easy. The mother, a designer in the restaurant business, felt a great responsibility in the design of this house. And it turned out excellent! The living room still has a little color accents that make the interior more gentle.
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Scandinavian style romantic white interior apartment in the loft in Sweden

Wonderful apartment in the attic in Stockholm

There is still something romantic in the sloping ceilings, windows in the roof and white interior! And who might be better other than Scandinavians, who are experts in this kind of residential spaces – this apartment on the top floor in Stockholm boasts a beautiful sophisticated design by Swedish designers – a true Scandinavian style. Familiar neutral black-and-white base is diluted unobtrusive light lilac-blue accents pillows, paintings and fresh flowers. Easy and nice modern white loft interior!

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Bright apartment in the leafy suburb of Stockholm – Swedish style white interior!

Bright apartment in the leafy suburb of StockholmBright apartment in the leafy suburb of Stockholm

Today we have a beautiful apartment from a Swedish country living. It has all the same features of traditional Scandinavian interior, but outside there are not office buildings and crowded cafes but a quiet picturesque forest. Excellent inexpensive option for those who wants to escape from the bisy city life!
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Light and bright – two bedroom apartment in Stockholm (just 678 square feet!)

Light "treshka" in Stockholm (63 sq. M) - 14

This small two-bedroom apartment in Stockholm boasts a very convenient layout and airy design in bright colors. Open plan living room, a compact kitchen and two bedrooms (one of them for children) – all of this fits on a modest just 678 square feet. Safe white with light pastel strokes prevail in this european modern minimalistic design!
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Snow White fairy tale in Greece – beautiful white interior

Snow White fairy tale in Greece - 17

Hotel named Racconto in a pretty coastal town of Parga, which is situated north-west of Greece, is translated as “fairy tale”. The creation of the fabulous resting place became the basis for the concept of the hotel interior is decorated almost entirely in white. There are only 11 rooms, but this is the main advantage of the hotel – the maximum privacy and relaxation for those who appreciate beautiful design!
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