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Wooden interior of a delightful romantic chalet in the Alps

A delightful chalet in the Alps - 8

Just look at this wonderful wooden interior of astonishing chalet in Angora, in the French Megève! It is really majestic and at the same time warm and cozy like home, that is the main part of the inspired by the mountain’s nature wooden house! This chalet also has a very romantic interior charm, so you can come not only in winter, when everybody tends to go to mountains to sky or do other winter activities, but it is really nice to experience a wonderful breath of mountains during other seasons and get this relaxing romance of french Alps, covered with greenery and fresh air.
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French style wooden interior of Ascetic chalet in France

Ascetic chalet in France - 8

By using the word chalets we wanted to emphasize a huge house where wooden beams contrast with exquisite luxury fittings, spacious living rooms with a lot of open space and massive interior. But this work of the talented American-french interior designer Marianne Tiegen differs from the usual chalet interior design. And it is different in the first touchdown. It is a small house, very close to our cozy rooms. There are no large-scale spaces and high ceilings. This house is similar to the one which can be constructed at a tolerable budget – only simple natural materials were used in the decoration: linen textiles in warm colors, lots of wood and stone. Particular attention should be paid to the bathroom: a hidden plumbing, plaster walls and worn frame – and it seems like we appeared to be in a different time and space…
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Cosy chalet in the Italian Alps with beautiful wooden interior.

Italy - South Tirol

Incredibly cozy wooden chalet San Luis is not just on the slopes of the picturesque Italian Alps – it is literally immersed in an unspoiled nature reserve South Tyrol. Judging from the first photo, green spruces almost penetrate the house – guests can even touch the spruce branches, having a morning drink  or some coffee on your own lovely balcony or a gorgeous terrace. But it is also beautiful inside. The wooden interior amazed from the very first glance. Wooden walls and floor are in every room. It creates an unbelievable unity with nature.
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The house surrounded by vineyards – american style wooden interior

The house is surrounded by vineyards

Not far from the coast of the state of Massachusetts is a small island with an interesting name – Martha’s Vineyard (Martha’s Vineyard). It was here among the grape fields, lies this exquisite mansion. The main colors of the interior – a combination of white, beige and brown, complemented by parts olive and blue. At first it seems that the character of the house resembles the venerable gentleman, who loves the classics and refinement. Beautiful wooden interior of american style. This is a good example of classic usa interior. » Read more

Loft with wooden beams in Stockholm – interior creative design

Loft with wooden beams in Stockholm - 17

Chip creative design interior Bright loft in Stockholm are, of course, the massive wooden beams on the ceiling and walls. The spacious open plan living wound they thought about a cozy rustic cottage somewhere in the quiet province. Further reinforces this feeling of black wood burning stove and abundant vegetation bedroom. By the way, two-level apartment – living room with kitchen is located under the roof and a bedroom and bathroom – the floor below.
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Brick, Stone, Wood – amazing modern interior from Poland, Warsaw.

The apartment is finished with brick in Warsaw (55 sq. M) - 18

From the first glance this small apartment seems to be dark. Of course, because wooden interior with combination of brick and dark grey stone make it really dark. But in the other hand it seems to be a very stylish and modern interior. This modern two-bedroom apartment with less than 600 square feet looks attractive. It is situated in a new residential complex in a quiet area of Warsaw. This modern interior was designed by a european interior design studio company Levantin Design.
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Swedish style wooden interior of a Modern Family House in the Alps

Modern house for a family in the Alps

Switzerland, the Alps .. This place is unbelievably gorgeous and beautiful, and having a house like that in such a nice place of the world is even better, because the house is brilliant and a wonderful example of a Swedish interior design style.  Besides of the fact that this house is located in a beautiful alpine valley, it is styled built and furnished according to the latest interior fashion trends and technics

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