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Most Europeans and Americans like to call the entrance area hall. But it is really difficult to name it hall if you have only couple of square meters of such entrance area in your small urban flat. Just because of that reason it is really difficult to find some interesting hallway ideas.

However, something suitable for small apartments still comes across. For example, this selection of hallway ideas from Spanish designers – 6 hallways and corridors, which are not so large, but were decorated very unusual and very worthily.

Each option has its own individual style: the palettes were selected in such a way as to give the impression of space, and the decor helps to create their unique style. In some hallways was placed a compact furniture, while in the others there was found a place only for the hanging elements and narrow consoles.

Watch these pictures of hallway ideas and find the one which will inspire you to change your own hallway or corridor for beauty and comfort.

Hallway idea 1 – hallway in soft beige and pale pink color

This long hallway does not seem boring. Bleached oak tone narrow furniture fits this little space. The walls are almost identical to the color of the furniture. This creates a really harmonious picture that effectively complemented with small accent colors – a pair of pads, poster in Japanese style, the pillow on the bench, chest and pots for flowers (fresh strawberry tones) + padding bench in the shade of “blue night.” These colors are repeated on a pair of cabinet doors and boxes for storing small things.

Hallway idea 2 – Hallway in soft light green and white colors

This hallway inspires with its spring nature. The leading color is light green color, with various green color tones repeated on various surfaces. This interior is complemented with white shelves, doors and white accessories.

Hallway idea 3 – another green hallway, but this time the design is closer to the English design style – this hallway interior is more calm and aristocratic.

A drop of romance from summer garden gives this hallway a shade of English country style. If the walls of this hallway would be completely woven with pattern, it would look too gaudy and restless. Therefore, the main surface is monotonous, and the insert panels are made of floral wallpaper, framed by white moldings. It look very elegant. Please note that one of the colors on the floral wallpaper is repeated at the top of the walls, and in a saturated form on the light fittings. Light wood doors and wooden frames for pictures of the same color perfectly match the decor of this hallway.

Hallway idea 4 – hallway in soft purple, light purple color with grey accents

In this and the next version you will see the same hall, decorated in very different ways. Here you can feel the influence of Scandinavian style, complemented by furniture from Ikea IKEA hallway furniture. All very concise except spectacular walls purple tones. Hallway is not large, so everything if possible, goes to the walls, leaving the floor space free.

Hallway idea 5 – playful cheerful interior of hallway

And here there is a French romantic and stylized wallpaper with a subtle pattern of two colors – cherry and green on a white background. These shades are likely to be repeated in accessories. White furniture is preferred and more elegant than in the previous version. If you do not want to spoil such magnificent walls with hanging furniture, you can choose an open floor models like consoles and racks.

Hallway idea 6 – Minimum of decoration and color for fans of minimalism and brevity.

White, gray and a black drop. If you like the nuances of tones – you can play in the shades of gray. It also uses IKEA hallway furniture, and a couple of fun accessories, fine decor eco-style and even vintage stuff. In this embodiment, the key point here would be not to overdo it with the amount of detail.

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