Foyer Fabulous: 7 Elegant Foyer Ideas for a Grand Entrance

A spacious, elegant foyer featuring a sweeping staircase, a large crystal chandelier, polished marble floors, and a tall potted plant beside a decorative round table with a vase of fresh flowers.

I’ve scoured the earth for the most breathtaking foyers, and I’m thrilled to share seven elegant ideas that could transform any entryway into a masterpiece of design. From choosing statement lighting that captivates guests the moment they step through the door, to selecting sleek furniture that whispers sophistication, each element is essential. I’ve also touched … Read more

Interior Design Decisions: Kitchen Countertop vs Backsplash

A sleek marble kitchen countertop with a bold, patterned backsplash. Different textures and colors of each surface are visible which highlight the design decision process.

When choosing between kitchen countertops and backsplashes, it’s crucial to coordinate them for a cohesive look. Matching or contrasting these elements can greatly impact your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Consider the practicality of materials like durable quartz or easy-to-clean ceramic tiles for daily use. Harmonize colors and patterns to create visual interest and a balanced appearance. … Read more