Tackling the Mystery: Orange Spots on Kitchen Countertops

Up close view of a stone kitchen countertop that has orange spots due to rusting iron deposits.

Suppose you have spent some serious money to install a white marble countertop. Yet you are seeing some orange spots on kitchen countertops started showing some orange spots just weeks and months into using it.  You may be unhappy over this matter and blame yourself for causing the stain, but how did it happen? Why … Read more

Why Does a Kitchen Countertop Get Moldy? (Mold Facts)

A moldy kitchen countertop made out of white marble.

Suppose you have spent a pretty hefty sum of money to design, remodel and rebuild your kitchen. However, several months into using it, you notice mold on the countertop. This may make you unhappy and want to replace the countertop altogether. However, rather than going nuclear by replacing the countertop, it may be a good … Read more