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We have bedrooms, living rooms, office, studio or workspace, billiard room and so on… Children have all of that in one room – children room / kids room. Therefor when you prepare a children room remember that this room is a whole “wonderland” and more this country would be filled with different details, ideas – the better it would be. Any stuff surrounding your kid in the current room – that is inexhaustible source of imagination and new room design ideas. That will help you to perceive your child’s world. One more thing to pay attention to in forming the design of rooms for kids is the variety of objects on the shelves in kids room and in the house in general, the diversity of textures, textiles, colors – all of that together shapes the capability of a kid to become a creative person, it develops mental and physical flairs.

STYLED rooms for kids

This topic is very close to the sea theme, but we put it on a separate publication, while our opinion is that there are few reason for the popularity of this topic among the boys: – A wave of interest to the movie Pirates of Caribbean with an incredibly popular character Jack Sparrow (and, therefore, this interest continues) – Second, the boys always like to look like a hero

– Third, and it is really simple – fully positive and totally perfect heroes are not of a big interest and don’t inspire confidence in their ideal.


STYLED rooms for kids

French company Vibel is not limited only by supplying of furniture for children’s rooms. Unlike most of its competitors, they are creating and assembling interiors from A to Z.  

Kids room for GIRLS

This article touchs the history of this fantastic company producing furniture for children, it shows also some great examples of arranging the whole room with complete set of furniture, decor, linens etc. 4 young girl rooms described and more than 60 photos are available.  

STYLED rooms for kids

Nowadays traditionally this interior decoration style is called a jungle-style, african style or savannah. I nthis article we describe the difference between them, talking about some fundamentals, they are only a few, because it is only about the style of one direction – African exotic. The child’s sex is not important, the subject can be considered multipurpose and for both boys and girls.  

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