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Unlike adults, children absolutely don’t care of maintenance or any order of their stuff in their rooms. All mothers know that the best way to teach your kid to put stuff in order and have order in the room, is to do it in the form of a game. Here is a great idea for you in this case. This will be definitely a pleasure for a kid to store books, clothes, toys and other stuff in such attractive and comfortable drawer chest, especially when he or she decorated it with own hands.

In this tutorial we show you how to create beautiful and original drawer chests for a child’s room. For kids it will be much more interesting to store their stuff there, than in the standard factory-made furniture.

The authors use the model from IKEA MALM drawer chest and HEMNES drawer chest. But you can choose any other white chest of drawers. However, if you already have such drawer chest – just renew it this way. It is preferred for this chest of drawers to be light colored and have a stopper on the boxes that keeps them from falling out of the drawer.

First example will for sure suit girls from 5 to 9 years of age. The second option can be used in the decoration of the drawer chest for boy’s room, and rooms for girls (just change the color of the paint). Enjoy creative and successful results!

Decorating Malm IKEA drawer chest for girl’s room.

malm ikea drawer chest

You will need: white MALM drawer chest from IKEA (or any other), the wallpaper with vertical romantic pattern, glue, spray paint, decorative frames, bright stickers, a few door handles in the form of a flower, drill , scissors, tape measure and pencil. Measure the facades of the drawer chest and it’s side.

malm ikea drawer chest decoration materials

Cut several strips of wallpaper so that they would nicely cover the lower part of the drawer chest. Glue the strips of wallpaper to the facades of the first and second boxes, counting from the bottom. Glue 2 more strips on the sidewall of the drawer chest.

With the nail gun attach decorative frames to the drawer fronts; add some stickers, which your girl likes (it can be anything, form stickers of her favorite Disney Princesses to flowers and bugs).

Place the decor in a slightly chaotic manner, it will look more natural and interesting. Drill a couple of holes on the side of the drawer chest and attach door handle here girls can hang their favorite jewelry.

With a spray paint, draw some words and hearts on this drawer chest. Your daughter’s guests will be pleased with such change to an ordinary IKEA drawer chest! Maybe they would want to make something like that in their own homes.

Now that is how this drawer chest looks like

Decorating Hemens IKEA drawer chest for boy’s room.

You will need: white Hemens IKEA drawer chest, a bright blue paint for furniture (or any other in the color of the existing furniture in the children’s room), paint roller, 6 bright door handles, sanding sponge, white chalks.

Unlike the first guide, here we will only work with facades of the drawer chest. First, you need to prepare facades for painting: with sanding sponge you have to clean the entire surface (with a gentle push), removing smoothness. After the end of this stage, remove dust with a damp cloth. Paint prepared surface with 2 layers of paint.

Attach new door handles, and then with white chalks write the names of objects, which need to be stored in each box.

Now that is how this drawer chest looks like

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