Focusing on one wall in bedroom. Swedish idea of using wallpaper in bedroom. 50 bedroom pictures.

Focusing on one wall in the bedroom. Swedish original idea of using wallpaper in the bedroom. 50 bedroom pictures. This Swedish idea for bedroom is very practical. It also lets you create a beautiful accent in your bedroom. You can also save lots of money without losing the beauty of the interior while refurnishing your frat or house. This idea is also found in the interiors of other countries, but it is especially popular in Sweden. The essence of it in the following: Choose one wall (usually at the head of the bed) and selected a spectacular wallpaper for it. Most often it should be the wallpaper with floral pattern of any size or vignettes. Other walls are made in neutral light colors, including shades of white. This simple but effective solution allows you to: – maintain the adequate visual space in bedroom (because the main surface are light and bright); – create accent on the wall; – draw attention to the beautiful bedspread on the bed, decorative pillows, linking them to the color composition with accent wall; – significantly save finances, 1-2 roll from the category of expensive wallpaper, and “background” wallpaper can be the most common, or even painted in a light color mat.

In our bedroom picture gallery you will see more than 50 bedroom pictures with the wallpaper accent on one wall in bedroom. Some of those bedroom interiors are created by designers, some by ordinary people. All of the solutions are divided on 3 categories:

1. bright and contrast wallpaper for accent on the wall in bedroom 2. neutral color palette solutions in bedroom interior 3. black and white wallpaper ideas for bedrooms

Before watching our bedroom picture gallery you can find out, what usually advice the professional decorators for implementing this idea in your own bedroom designs.

1. Decide what mood you want to create in the bedroom: – tonic or adrenaline? Choose contrasting and colorful wallpaper for accent walls, and the pattern can be quite saturated colors and the background of the (accent) wallpaper can be softer or lighter; – romantic and relaxing? It can be created by wallpaper with a small scale floral pattern, including neutral colors; – elegant or shocking? Black and white wallpaper will be the good for both cases, the difference – in the presence and extent of the figure in black. 2. If the bed is on the long side of the room, and the bedroom itself has an elongated shape, put wallpaper accent only on part of the wall, with a space of 50 to 70 cm on each side of the bed. In this case, the room will look more proportional. 3. This idea is not only for the simple interiors, but it will also be good for elegant interiors and even glamorous bedrooms. But in this case you have to choose accent wallpaper from “silkscreen” (with satin finish). 4. If you want to add visual height to your bedroom, use wallpaper with a small figure, which has clear vertical rhythm. If bedroom is too high, make the wall around the head with a large pattern wallpaper or good saturated colors, and then put the band (stripe) on the ceiling. 5. If you have wardrobes hanging over the bed, put wallpaper between the headboard and the bottom of those wardrobes. 6. And if you want to draw even more attention to the wall, put some contrasting shelves in the middle of the accented wall. Select the brightest tone of the wallpapers. 7. The best option for background wallpaper will be the plain one color wallpaper or one color painted walls. In this case, nothing will prevent solo accent of one major wall.

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