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Green apples as one of the ways of decorating for various occasions. To create a comfortable home, you actually don’t need to spend a lot of money. Surround yourself with inspiring ideas and favorite color palette, and half the work is already done! For example, how do you feel about Apples? Or maybe from time to time you like to treat yourself with fresh sour juicy fruit?

Today we offer you to look at the apples as inspirational theme for various occasions and times- summer or autumn ideas are on the way!

We chose green apples, and then found more than 30 original examples and ideas for your inspiration.

The idea is interesting by its combination of two associations: (1) juicy taste and

(2) the fresh green color.

That is why for the table decorations we choose not only the fruits, but also the interior details that remind apples and harmoniously fit into the dining room or kitchen. Note: apple theme is equally well suited for groovy party in fresh air and to have lunch in the classic dining room. A difference is only in the way how serving is accompanied by various decorative items and main dishes. Green apples can be put into the original bowl or a vase of flowers inside, put them on cards for guests or decorate the chairs with a garland of apples. And of course, you can make apple candle holders, but we will talk about it a bit later.

Let’s talk about the style and color palette.

The combination of green apples and white environment – this is a perfect elegance.

And if you want something a little more comfortable and relaxing, something in the spirit of country or eco style, the choice of apple creative and accessories expanded almost infinitely. Everything, which you can find and which has green color, simply add other shades, patterns and textures in the mood, which you want to create, and you will have a unique apple style decor. For example, green + white + brown or green + pink + white or red + green + blue.

Decorating plates in the theme of green apple:

You can put fake apples on the guest plates, or just pick up a napkin with a picture of green apple or a green napkin.

Apple candle holders:

apple candle holderapple candle holderapple candle holder

Tableware, which is suitable for this topic:

Drawings, which we described above (the strip, peas, a cell in white color temperature) + all single color that you find the right shade.

Goodies from apples, nice tasty apple sweets – how can we deal without them:

I do not need to name all those sets of desserts that can be made from apples: you yourself know about them.

Other apple decor ideas for the kitchen and the dining room:

Wallpapers and stickers, table cloths and curtains, tiles and digital photo panels for kitchen apron. And even – household appliances! All of that can have some apple decor, some touch of apple green color and inspire for a great summer mood in your interior

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