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This is an article with the DIY description of how to create a paper snowflake. Step by step guide, example pictures and it is as easy as a piece of cake. View it yourself…

INSTRUCTIONS of How to create a paper snowflake

CUT and FOLD: Trim off extra paper then on the medium and small cut out the square pieces. Fold each square, printed side out, into a triangle using the dotted line as a guide. Cut folded triangle on the guidelines with scissors. Each snowflake will need 6 triangles and there will be 6 cuts on each triangle.

FORMING THREE DIMENSIONAL SNOWFLAKE: Open and flatten each triangle back into a square. Beginning with the the center cuts, roll the 2 inside triangles points towards each other, overlap and tape or glue together. For small and medium snowflakes you can use a pencil or toothpick to help you form the smallest shape. Turn the paper over, overlap the points and tape or glue (I find that scotch tape and hot glue work the best and a few of you suggested glue dots which I will try next). Continue with last two layers, rotating sides each time. Once all 6 pieces have been formed, you can hot glue, tape or staple 3 of the ends together securely. Make sure your rolls are going the same direction, back to back. Do the same with the other 3 then attach the two groups of ends together to form a snowflake. On larger snowflakes, attach each arm of the flake together in the area half way from center to end. This last step will keep the snowflake full and evenly open.

HANGING and DECORATING: Using a small punch, create a hole in top point so that you can run a string or fishing line through for hanging. You might also use a double stick tape to secure them to windows or flat surfaces. The smaller snowflakes are perfect for a gift wrap topper and can easily be tied onto your package with ribbon or sting.

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