Magic winter forest. The rules of using decorative branches as a part of Christmas decor. | Modern Interior and Decor Ideas

Some people prefere to use bright and traditional decorations in ther interior during New Year holidays, while others are able to stand out by being original. For example, you might recall your long-standing passion for minimalism and eco- style. Don’t worry, even if you were unable to used this style in your house, you can still apply it to your holiday decor.

Christmas decor that is made out of branches is especially popular in Northern Europe, particularly in Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Norway. In this collection we have gathered the most original ideas on this subject 30 + photos of interiors with festive decor with use of branches.

First of all, the composition made out of the branches can replace the traditional Christmas tree. Hang your chrstmas toys on the branches.


Furthermore, with the similar decor you can bring a christmas spirit to the corners of your house, a dresser, fireplace, bedside table or walls.

Another original idea – hang branches over the Christmas table, that creates a real experience of home garden or a forest inside your house.

You need to know a few rules before you start decorationg your house with branches. We are sure that you would like your house to look in complete harmony, so here are a few ideas that will helo you to re-create Christmas atmosphere:

Use branches instead of a Christmas Tree

Christmas compostition out of branches combined with variety of decorations. Put your branches into a pretty vase or a pot. Use branches to decorate your christmas table


1. How to find the best decorations for your house or office

First of all, do not use anything that looks too pretentious. At the end of the day branches are a part of nature and are eco-style, so try to stick to more natural decor.

Choose from one of 3 options: – use the same type of toys (eg, a star or snowflake, birds, boxes or imitation of gifts); – pick one color or a material, preferably mat, and than select from a variety of different toys;

– use exactly the same decorations in the style of minimalism, somewhat transparent toys or cool stuff made of threads.

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