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This article touchs the history of this fantastic company producing furniture for children, it shows also some great examples of arranging the whole room with complete set of furniture, decor, linens etc. 4 young girl rooms described and more than 60 photos are available.
The history of French brand Vibel began over 20 years ago, when Denis Hacq learned that his first daughter was born. Having a child – is not only happiness, but also serious challenge, especially if there is no experience in raising children. Young father discovered that there are a lot of baby products being sold, but it is really difficult to find some specific themed nursery both for children and their parents needs. However, he had a great desire for that and soon found a lot of information about what role the plays separate children’s room (let’s say a private house) in the life of a child…

Nowadays only a few parents understand it properly and have this concept in mind. However, employment and the lack of practical experience of decorating continue to create a lot of problems for young parents. How to make a nursery or a room for alder children not just practical, but also safe, not only beautiful, but also understandable for your child, how to take into account the character and the needs of your child, and to raise him or her it in the right direction?

Readymade themed children rooms, which today produces Vibel, consider all even smallest nuances. They are well thought through up tp every detail, from finishing and zoning to furniture, lighting and accessories. There are a few basic themes, and specific environment of each child is created on request separately for each child. Parents, designers, psychologists and engineers – this is the team, which works on creating the main configuration and theme of the room for the child.

Here you will find four differently decorated and differently themed room for the girls (about 60 photos). We are confident that these themes will become a great source of inspiration by the variety of color palettes, walls and beds, the selection of furniture and accessories.

JAPANESE GARDEN interior theme for a young girl room:


Imagine a quiet Japanese garden: a light breeze shakes the branches of a cherry tree, and there is a small gurgling fountain nearby and blooming spring delights by its beauty. This theme for the room of a girl is a combination of fresh notes and romantic serenity. Delicate play with figures and colors helps to open the Japanese subjects in an understandable way for the child, teaching how to admire the poetic beauty of nature. Multilevel canopy over the bed is the reminder of traditional costumes, like a futon couch, and a low coffee table invites to the tea ceremony.

GIPSY style for a young girl room:

This room is for a young girl. It is remarkable for its colorful fabrics and colorful textures. Artistic girls will for sure be amazed by this theme, for sure, will delight. Bohemian atmosphere is made up of little things: colorful pillows and a small ladder in the bed of succulent combinations of colors and wallpaper-like floral meadow. But it is not only the color of the Gypsy culture, but also a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

MARIE ANTOINETTE (Marie Antoinette) interior theme for a young girl room:

The appearance of this young girl queen in the French court overturned the views on the interior, and her name has become a legend of Versailles. Boudoirs acquired audacity, courage and luxury. Flowing silks and lush velvets, vignettes and braid, delicate gray-blue, languorous tones berry pink and soft glow of gold. For a young girl, with a soft heart, reading books about beautiful princesses, this room will be a real door to the magical world of fairy tales. Incredibly romantic four-poster king bed looking like a sponge cake, compact dressing table with many drawers, other furniture from this era, and the exquisite wallpaper on the walls complete the similarity to the real palace of this period in French history.

LITTLE FLOWER interior theme for a young girl room:

The birth of a little girl is one of the most joyful events in the family, and of course, parents are trying to create the most beautiful setting for a young girl. This room is called little flower while it is associated with a gentle summer morning, full of light and joy. The interior is secure for the child and really convenient for moms, comfortable sleep, dressing, feeding and communication. Also it gives you the ability to convert a couple of corners, when girl gets older.

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