Lovely cabins from Jersey Ice Cream Co with rustic furniture

Jersey Ice Cream Co – one of the most unusual interior design studios. Today we’ve decided to present their works dedicated to the rustic furniture and rustic home decor ideas.

few words about the studio itself – it’s not even a full-fledged design studio, but more of a creative and family blowing designer couple – Tara and Percy, who are both designers, and performers. They essentially live in houses which make the repair or alteration, and when after 2-3 months of work is finished, moving into a new house on a new job. It turns out, it is even so! However, the houses in their performance just wonderful.
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Modern interior of the remodeled house in London in English style


Today we want to draw your attention to a lovely remodeled interior of a Victorian house in London in English style. This modern interior design of the townhouse intertwined several styles that are usually not so easy to properly combine together. Modern furniture with unusual shapes, bright paintings, bold prints make up part of a modern interior. At the same time ceiling moldings, parquet and marble fireplace – a tribute to the magnificent English style traditions. The skillful work of the designer gave us an unusually beautiful interior!
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The stylish modern white interior from Canada


When the couple started the construction of their first house (now it is a family with three children), it was immediately clear that they want a bright white modern interior with a little bit of neutral colors, something simple, informal and easy. The mother, a designer in the restaurant business, felt a great responsibility in the design of this house. And it turned out excellent! The living room still has a little color accents that make the interior more gentle.
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The sophisticated design from JWS Interior design studio


This interiors is created by the remarkable American JWS Interior Design Studio, so much tenderness, delicacy and femininity! Pink, purple and other subtle shades in textiles and decor found in almost every project of this interior design studio, thus JWS created a very pleasant and light mood in this particular residential interior design. The Founder of this interior design studio, Jennifer Wagner Schmidt, she claims that the inspiration for her works is the world of fashion, abstract art, Hollywood glamor, luxury travel, and other celebrity filled areas of our life. This interior design represents a really beautiful fresh perspective on the mix of American style, modern interior design and classic interior decor.
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Black and white strict Swedish minimalistic interior for a true man


Black-and-white palette, the severity of lines and minimalistic interior design – this is everything what a lonely young man can dream of, when it comes to the urban life! This interior in Stockholm has it’s Swedish interior breath, and besides of that it completely fits the definition of “male” in the modern sense. Especially eye catching is the black and white open kitchen – the contrast of the upper and lower fronts diluted gray apron and stylish wooden kitchenware. It’s a very decent interior overall. It’s definitely a true Swedish interior with it’s common minimalistic style and calm grey, black and white color tones. Everything is well thought-out and good organized, no extra or unneeded home decor or details, everything is functional.
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French style elegant and modern interior design apartment in Paris

Elegant, modern apartment for family in Paris - 20

This modern Paris apartment has everything: great style, the latest modern interior design techniques and hints of historical classics, black and white contrasts and retro details. Even brick wall here looks like something fresh and not at all trivial. In short, the apartment is just a feast for the eyes! True French style interior with a touch of classics becomes like an eclectic masterpiece. Elegant and modern interior design in Paris always attracts magazines and photographers. We can get a lot of inspiration from this French interior design apartment – very modern and unique.
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Gray apartment in Scandinavian style with photo frames home decor

The apartment is in gray with a glass partition (52 sq. M) - 13

Another example of the Scandinavian style interior, based on the cold white and gray tones with nice photo frame home decor. This Scandinavian apartment has a separate bedroom, glass partition of the space, which recently became very popular and trendy. And in general, everything is very calm and north styled: only furniture, white kitchen, photo frames and posters as part of the wall.
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Small but stylish black and white interior apartment with red accents

Apartment with red accents in Kiev (56 sq. M) - 17

Due to red accents, this minimalistic interior black and white apartment of a girls really has it’s own character and individuality. Red color is very brave and not very popular among interior designers, but in the interior it looks very modern, it does not strain the eyes, in this black and white interior this red color is used very wisely. Overall, this minimalistic interior of a small apartment leave a pleasant and holistic impression, especially taking into the account it’s small 590 square feet. This apartment has a very rational and well thought-out minimalistic interior design with a lot of interesting small space solutions.
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Wooden interior of a delightful romantic chalet in the Alps

A delightful chalet in the Alps - 8

Just look at this wonderful wooden interior of astonishing chalet in Angora, in the French Megève! It is really majestic and at the same time warm and cozy like home, that is the main part of the inspired by the mountain’s nature wooden house! This chalet also has a very romantic interior charm, so you can come not only in winter, when everybody tends to go to mountains to sky or do other winter activities, but it is really nice to experience a wonderful breath of mountains during other seasons and get this relaxing romance of french Alps, covered with greenery and fresh air.
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French style wooden interior of Ascetic chalet in France

Ascetic chalet in France - 8

By using the word chalets we wanted to emphasize a huge house where wooden beams contrast with exquisite luxury fittings, spacious living rooms with a lot of open space and massive interior. But this work of the talented American-french interior designer Marianne Tiegen differs from the usual chalet interior design. And it is different in the first touchdown. It is a small house, very close to our cozy rooms. There are no large-scale spaces and high ceilings. This house is similar to the one which can be constructed at a tolerable budget – only simple natural materials were used in the decoration: linen textiles in warm colors, lots of wood and stone. Particular attention should be paid to the bathroom: a hidden plumbing, plaster walls and worn frame – and it seems like we appeared to be in a different time and space…
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Beautiful home decor collection A breath of spring from Zara Home

A breath of spring from Zara Home - 29

Zara Home spring-summer season might be still open – you can find and buy products from this collection on the official website. Although the Autumn just started, but we really want to still fill this Spring – Summer mood and fill this freshness and life changing energy. We will now focus on home decor from Zara Home and visual parts of this collection, a new decor, as usual! There are a lot of French motives in this Zara Home Decor Spring-Summer collection. This photo shoot was made in a beautiful stone house, immersed in its own green garden.
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Nice american style classic interior in beige tones in Texas

Classic in beige tones in Texas - 21

The whole style of the house in Austin, Texas, sustained in a beige and sandy colors. Natural color composition is complemented by natural materials in the interior and very harmonious combined with wicker, linen and wood. The designer of this interior managed  without the innovative ideas and focused on an American style classic interior – an abundance of furniture, pastel colors, wide baseboards, ceiling and large windows. There’s also a little “natural” echo in the furniture style: dried flowers in pots, wooden pots, pottery, bronze and gold detail of elegance. Interior designer decided to make children’s rooms pastel and tender, and to make it not too boring for the kids the interior decor was complemented with orange accents. This mansion is a beautiful example of a traditional American home for a large family, with the respectful american style and comfort of a classic interior.
Designed by interior design studio of Marie Flanigan.
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