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Have you noticed that in the summer without being able to immediately go on vacation, we still strive for something new? If you cannot change places, let you change your living appearance, even in small ways, but it will bring some nice mood in your daily life.

Our proposal is to try renew some old stuff from your apartment, the old (or boring) chairs (one chair or a couple of old useless chairs will do). As a result, you will not only provide yourself with an interesting activity for a couple of evenings, but also complement the interior with bright and original piece of furniture, which in the old form was not noticed or was prepared to be thrown out.

The current look of an old chair is not important! The main important thing is that this armchair is still quite strong. In this article you will see couple of workshops and easy DIY tutorials of how you can easily upgrade: – old rattan garden armchair – classic model of armchair from a dining room

– a modern version of the normal chair, which is usually placed in the living room.

Ready for a change? Find the right armchair or ordinary chair and do it!

Renovating the old rattan armchair:

Decorating old classic chair

How about to turn an old rattan garden chair into a comfortable place to read? Let’s try to do it! You will need:
rattan chair, sanding sponge or sand paper with a large grain, small studs, a hammer, a red paint for wood, thin brush, rope, furniture stapler.

Working with sandpaper, remove the old paint and stains, remove dust. Do it as it is shown on the picture. Paint the chair in red (or any other favorite bright color), after drying the first layer paint it with the next one.

Do some decorations on your renewed armchair with the rope. Tie the ends of the rope and attach them to the frame of the armchair with the help furniture stapler. Place a large pillow on the chair and enjoy your holiday!

Decorating old classic chair

Decorating old classic chair

Decorating old classic chair

Decorating old classic chair

Decorating old classic chair

Renewing of the old classic chair:

Decorating old classic chair

If you have anything, looking like this old classic chair, that will give you the chance to create something really unique for your interior. But of course, it will not be really easy, while you will need:
old classic armchair (for example, from the dining headset), sanding paper, white paint, hard wax, a thin brush or small paint roller, fabric remnants, furniture stapler.

Disconnect the parts where there is padding (seat and backrest). Sand the frame, removing old paint; try to achieve maximum smoothness! Cover the seat frame with two layers of paint, making sure that the first layer is well dried.

Disconnect the old upholstery, carve out the same elements of fabrics, and nail it with the help of furniture stapler. This luxurious classic armchair will be a spectacular decoration of your home.

Decorating old classic chair

Decorating old classic chair

Decorating old classic chair

Seat cover for a chair from an old sweater:

Decorating old classic chair

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Decorating old classic chair

Decorating old classic chair

Decorating old classic chair

Decorating old classic chair

Decorating old classic chair

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