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You don’t really need a special day or a reason to remind your loved one about how he/she is dear to your heart. Nevertheless, in the busyness of everyday life we often forget to tell how much we love people the most dear to us making the most valuable thing in life into a habit. But on various occasions such as a Birthday, a “special” date (first date, engagement, wedding) or, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day – we are tempted to repeat the words of love over and over again.

So.. what does Love mean to you? Remember the popular chewing gum with the name “Love is …”? In this gallery we have collected 3 versions of answers to the most important question of Love.

Romantic Valentines day ideas – Valentine day dinner

Moreover, each answer is a story packed with true inspiration, for example, for a romantic dinner. Their author of the blog – Susan, the hostess of the blog Between Naps on the Porch. And now you have the opportunity to create an equally beautiful décor for your table on St. Valentine’s Day or any other day that you choose to enhance the flow of love in your life.

Many people believe that the décor of the room is not important. Nevertheless, a romantic dinner is particularly the best time to show off your skills on how thoughtful you are, whether you are spending it in the restaurant, coffee shop or at home. When you have put all your time, effort and skills into this project, it will act as a gift to you as well.. in the way of anticipation!

Please remember that on the eve of St. Valentine’s Day, we draw your attention to the fact that many of our interesting photo galleries of decor for Valentine’s Day can be found through special labels. This year we will continue the tradition and concentrate on serving a romantic dinner for two. This should add a bit of passion and a spark into your relationship and will, for sure, help to refresh feelings for each other. To arrange the table you don’t have to be a newlywed or prepare for a wedding, it’s enough just to want to add a special spark to your life. With good intentions you will be able to more than just pleasantly surprise your partner.

Many decorators are sure that the best color combination for this occasion is – red and white. As for pink – we leave it to young girls and those who basically do not like red. If you like this striking combination – use its energy and power to add to the life of love. You will need two elements to recreate this table setting – red wine glasses and white candles. As for everything else – there is room for imagination. Look through our 3 examples of serving combined in red and white (45 images ) and pick and chose according to the mood that you are trying to convey.

“Love – gives us …wings” (St. Valentine’s Day table setting – option 1):

To add graceful accents to your table use dragonflies for napkins and croshe for white edges (plates and napkins). Use red and white elements – 2 tone glasses, napkins of two tones, the upper plate (ornament), sweets, cookies in the shape of a heart.

“Love – is … a delicate flower” (table decor, valentines day ideas for valentine day dinner – option 2):

Use red geranium flowers in the lantern-candlestick “a la Morocco” with white candles to create a great composition for the center of the table. The same red-wine glasses (from the previous serving) are not less spectacular in this new option. Fold napkins in the form of butterflies to complement the beautiful plates in the style of Chinese painting.

“Love – is … carelessness” in the beast meaning of this word. (valentines day ideas for valentine day dinner – option 3):

You can remind your spouse or a friends about childhood by making the main deocoration for the table out of treats. Look at the image. By using a bouquet purely made out of sweets and biscuits placed on the same plates of Chinese porcelain that we saw in option 1 look quite different here, and in fact are not less creative!

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