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Small but comfortable modern apartment interior in Spain

Comfortable 100 square meters. m Spain - 8

Beige interior seems to be always pleasant and comfortable without any distraction, as in this wonderful modern apartment in Spain. The modern apartment interior looks warm and at the same time very fresh and stylish. With that, this color is the main motive of the design of the whole house, built around the rest of the design.
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Shades of Turquoise in the elegant modern apartment interior

Shades of Turquoise in the interior of the apartment in Orel - 18

In this modern apartment interior you will find a very unusual combination of colors for the interior of the apartment. Shades of turquoise, gray and beige were selected for this elegant, classic living room which is also nicely combined with modern kitchen. It was very nice, though, and safely. The bedrooms and office have warmer color palette, but are also made in a very modern style with nice and interesting color combinations.
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Gentle swedish interior of the modern apartment in Stockholm

Gentle interior of the apartment in Stockholm

This charming Swedish interior of a modern apartment in Stockholm is a classic example of modern Scandinavian style living space. Situated in one of the most popular streets in Stockholm this building is among those beautiful building of the 1800s, in which one of the apartments has been lovingly restored with a modern interior design twist, while preserving age-old traditions.
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Charming modern apartment interior design – beautiful unusual color combinations

Modern eclecticism for townhouse in Chicago - 9

What a good designer designed this modern apartment interior. Brilliant works with color! At first glance, the palette of the apartment in an old house is plain neutral, but upon closer inspection you realize that it is composed of interesting and unusual tones and shades. Also in furniture: each object does not stand out from the crowd, but picked up expertly and harmoniously complements the overall refined picture.

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Modern apartment interior in an old house in London

Modern apartment in an old house in London

Small Scenic Area Maida Vale in the western part of London. Everything attracts so home buyers, not least for its beautiful architecture. The house in which are located the spacious apartments, was built between 1902-1904 years, but has recently been carefully and lovingly restored. At the request of one of the master bedrooms converted into a dining room combined with living room, which ultimately allowed us to obtain a large space with open floor plan. And one of the adjacent storage space designers turned to the bathroom. Interior design has become something of a creative improvisation on the theme of Parisian apartments and Mediterranean houses. The color palette is to be simple, with soft blue-gray background, diluted with light red and blue accents. Very living space!
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A small modern apartment in Israel from Mayan interior design studio

A small modern apartment in Israel (67 sq. M) - 13

This small modern apartment of 1200 square feet, is located in Tel Aviv, and the interior was designed by the interior design studio Mayan Studio. Israeli designers have shown that even when working with a small space thing is the beauty and sense of style. The interior of the merged harmony of minimalist design and urban practicality. Following the redevelopment apartment is much more spacious and bright.
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Brick, Stone, Wood – amazing modern interior from Poland, Warsaw.

The apartment is finished with brick in Warsaw (55 sq. M) - 18

From the first glance this small apartment seems to be dark. Of course, because wooden interior with combination of brick and dark grey stone make it really dark. But in the other hand it seems to be a very stylish and modern interior. This modern two-bedroom apartment with less than 600 square feet looks attractive. It is situated in a new residential complex in a quiet area of Warsaw. This modern interior was designed by a european interior design studio company Levantin Design.
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Bright creative modern interior design of apartment in downtown of Barcelona

Bright apartment in central Barcelona

This remarkable bright apartment in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter – creative design and the result of the reconstruction of old apartments from AAGF Arquitectura studio. This european interior has a modern style with a laconic, minimalist lines, with a predominance of white in color. Wooden beams on the ceiling became a great solution in this case: they contrast with the modern interior design, but at the same time very harmoniously fit into the overall picture.
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Stylish and modern apartments with terrace in New York

Modern Apartments with terrace in New York

These magnificent apartments are ideally giving the understanding of the modern housing in New York. They are spacious, with stylish modern design with neutral colors, with large windows from the floor to ceiling and a view of the surrounding office buildings, with a comfortable open-plan. But this particular apartment has a big comfortable terrace with a stunning New York view.
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A compact but spacious apartment in Gothenburg -

A compact but spacious apartment in Gothenburg - 22

Due to the high ceilings (3.30 m) and large windows, this apartment of 50 square meters doesn’t look that small. The bedroom is separated from the living room and the kitchen with the wall, but not deaf, and with windows in the ceiling edge. Kitchen with high cabinets, which can be reach only by substituting a ladder, place in a secluded corner. The largest area is occupied by a living room with a dining table and a sofa area.  » Read more

A tiny stylish monochrome one bedroom apartment in Stockholm (43 sq.m)

A stylish monochrome kopeck piece in Stockholm (43 sq.

White, wood and marble – these three simple components are the major thing, which built the interior of this compact one-bedroom apartment in Stockholm. Here you will find the most rigorous and simple lines on the surface. There are almost no patterns or prints, but the space is not boring .. it’s rather peaceful.

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Beautiful interiors from the Spring-Summer interior design studio

Beautiful interiors from the studio Spring Summer - 24

Studio Spring Summer stands out compared to other interior design companies from Russia. It’s all in a style that profess designers, calling his dream fusion, and a bold approach to the design of the ambience. The spaces created by the studio – is a mixture of different, seemingly disparate pieces of furniture, decor from different eras and genres. But the most important thing in their work – this is unbelievable colors, bright and muted, but always interesting and unusual combinations. Today we have a collection of the most inspiring, in our view, the interiors of these talented designers!

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