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Small but comfortable modern apartment interior in Spain

Comfortable 100 square meters. m Spain - 8

Beige interior seems to be always pleasant and comfortable without any distraction, as in this wonderful modern apartment in Spain. The modern apartment interior looks warm and at the same time very fresh and stylish. With that, this color is the main motive of the design of the whole house, built around the rest of the design.
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Sunny country style interior with views of the mountains in Spain

Sunny interior with views of the mountains - 12

What is the recipe for a successful reconstruction of the house? Enlarge window and doors, make maximum of open space – that’s exactly what  Spanish designers will tell you. Especially when the windows are opened to such a wonderful views of the mountains! This country house looks really relaxing and country style reunites with the beauty and amplitude of the mountain view. Pastel colors make this interior tender and beautiful, and the window are fantastic.
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Beautiful and comfortable apartment in Spain – nice european interior

Beautiful and comfortable apartment in Spain - 9

The only wish the owners of this apartments in Spain had to the designers was – the interior has to be beautiful, but at the same time very practical modern interior – this simultaneously became a difficult task. But still european interiors are famous exactly for their ability to combine several tasks in very limited conditions.
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Manor La Casa de los Tomilares – gorgeous hotel for midn and soul relaxation in Spain

Manor La Casa de los Tomilares in Spain - 26

Manor La Casa de los Tomillares is a gorgeous villa in Spain created for a true romantic couples who in their dream vacation want to get away from civilization, in the midst of hilly landscape where there’s nothing at all except the desert. This is where they can find peace and relaxation for body and soul, especially since the old mansion and a luxury area contribute to this as much as possible. Great place!
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Full of light apartment in Spain with bright colorful accents in the interior

Full of light apartment in Spain

Simple and unpretentious colorful details in the design of the Spanish apartments to create an atmosphere of happy and carefree days. The main advantage of the recently renovated interior – light. Distribution was changed so that each room was at least one window, and white-painted walls act as reflecting surfaces which multiply in natural light. Secondly designers focused on the decor – bright, cheerful colors and colorful retro objects brought into the interior of a special aura. Great!
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Bright penthouse in Spain – antique touch in a modern stylish interior

Bright penthouse in Spain - 18

The task of the designer in this project was to remodel an old interior which didn’t have any character and was boring, into a bright and beautiful full of life stylish apartment. As a result of the small dark rooms made a spacious living room and open kitchen, a unifying element was the large dining table. In addition, a large glass door connects the room with a terrace, accentuating the feeling of spaciousness. » Read more

The fascinating hotel in an old Spanish mansion Cal Reiet in Majorca

Fascinating hotel is in an old Spanish mansion Cal Reiet Majorca - 7

Cal Reiet is a really incredibly fascinating hotel in Majorca, in which the creators managed to keep the cozy atmosphere of an old country estate. It’s building was built in 1881 but recently designers from Bloomint studio made it an oasis of comfort and a fine example of careful treatment of historic architecture. But the motto of the hotel is very precise: ¬ęCal Reiet – a place where time stands still.” Enjoy watching!

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