Wonderful weaves: 40 decor ideas out of rope for interior

If you are bored with seashells and other traditional coastal decor, we offer you to implement this idea using decorative rope or just an ordinary ropes of different thickness and a little imagination. Here you will find lots of ideas for rope as a decoration for the interior.

This rope decor, which you can easily do with your hands, is also interesting from a practical point of view. First, because of its strength, the rope can be used as a reliable suspension, replacing the traditional brackets and chain (if we are talking about garden furniture). Second, pay attention to the amount of rope: thanks to it , you can quickly deal with decorating and spend a minimum of money, and the result will be very impressive and certainly original.

In this guide you will find a lot of interesting decor ideas, which can be made of rope for interior or garden. In this article we will also touch decoration ideas using thin ropes, and will show some examples of such thin rope decoration ideas. Thin rope as decoration will be optimal in cases where you want to create more elegant jewelry, or any other small accessories.

In addition, we believe that all who enjoys not only the marine style, but also eco and country styles, should take note of these rope decor ideas!

So, what for we can use rope? Let’s have a look from the very simple point of view. Let’s use it for its intended purpose – to keep the weight. Rope threaded through holes in the boards (shelves), looks really amazing spectacular. The upper part of the rope can be fixed to the ceiling, rafters, window slopes etc. These shelves can be hung in the closet, above the window in the office – and you will have an interesting, but at the same time practical interior detail. Using such shelves in the children’s room, you can add some maps, shells and other marine souvenirs – and a room of your offspring will be fantastically transformed.
The next way of using rope as decor in interior is much less known, but it is much easier to perform. We will use the same feature of the rope – strength – and will makes furniture handles with rope, threading it through the holes used for the screws.
Another immediate way for decoration with rope – rope perfectly handles with the role of decoration for serving in marine style. Tie tableware and make a beautiful knot on napkins. Add shells or buttons, similar to a real pearl, and the delight of your guests is guaranteed. If you are organizing a party on the terrace or in the garden, attach rope the tablecloth, tie a stone to it with smooth edges. Such a simple solution will keep the tablecloth from the wind, and will look like handpicked decor.
If you like unusual small details, decorate the familiar elements of interior with the rope decor. Or you can even create your own new piece of interior with some imagination. You can wrap flower pot with a rope or make creative curtain. Using rope you can create the colonial frame for a mirror, hangers for towels or a pad in marine style.
Bed in marine style – for child’s room or veranda. You can make a swing for the terrace from the old small sofa.
A lot of original things can be made out of rope, and you won’t find those in any store. Rope can replace a railing if the stairs are connected to the wall. Rope is a perfect limiter for the light stairs, which will now resemble a ship’s ladder (do not use this idea, if you have children or elderly relatives!). Photo frames or pictures can be hung on a rope. You can also add it to a gift packaging in vintage style (tied with craft paper or sheet music). In short, no matter what you come up with making with your hands using natural rope, this will definitely add originality to your home, especially if the marine, country or eco-style is already present there.

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