Artistic Chic Style – two loft apartments from Paris and London. Interior designs from the archive of Elle Decor

Amazing Interiors

In this gallery we offer you to be inspired by interiors of two small loft apartments from the archives of the Elle Decor magazine. This topic can be called a “return to the roots of the loft”. Enjoy! If you like the eclectic style and fusion, it is likely that from time to time you question yourself: how to combine parts from different cultures and eras to get a harmonious ensemble. Bohemian style of European capitals is a great subject for inspiration. On the one hand, people, which are close to the art, know well what harmony and style means. On the other hand, unlike celebrities, their budgets are often limited. Accordingly the size of the flat of house, furniture and decor, everything is a bit restrained, but it does not lack imagination. In this journey we offer you to be inspired by interiors of two small apartments from the archives of the Elle Decor magazine. This can be called a “return to the roots of the loft”. Both lofts in the bohemian style, which you see here, are compact in size, but it does not prevent them to be bright, impressive and original – 30 photos of interiors of two loft apartments in a bohemian style will be admired by the fans of eclectic and interesting innovative solutions. Enjoy watching photos of these two bohemian interiors of lofts from Paris and London!

Architect Philippe Harden names Paris the city of light, so he used all the possibilities of this long, narrow and very uncomfortable before the apartment. He took it as a diamond, which will require careful cutting, and according to the budget of the customer, which was rather moderate, invented a lot of things. Architect divided the apartment for 3 unequal parts: bedroom and a kitchen-dining room are at different ends opposite each other, and a living-room in the middle, but better to say living-room-library. Two styles became the inspiring ideas in decoration of this loft apartment interior: the industrial and the style of 70’s. That is the source for unusual color palette in the central area of the apartment: achromatic combination of neutral tones with bright vintage furniture from the era of the 70’s. Kitchen-dining room, according to the words of architect, has to add warmth and comfort to this loft style apartment. Therefore he has chosen so called sunny sand color for the walls, but furniture and decor, in the opposite, cause associations with the industrial style. The kitchen area is highlighted with graphite-gray color, adding depth to a rather narrow space. Natural wood furniture successfully connects all in harmonious union. Bedroom, in contrast to other areas, reminds about minimalism the most, and this helps to have a good rest, at least this is the general opinion.

English people differ from the French by their paradoxical thinking. On one hand, they are truly tied to classics, on the other hand they like avant-garde tendencies and dramatic effect. Designer Jimmie Karlsson admitted both lines in the character of a customer and created just such a wonderful apartment. The main dramatic effect comes from the tone of the night blue color on the walls in the living room and kitchen-dining room. Such tension is removed by juicy details of the rainbow colors of all shades. Most of them are present on the pillows, and in addition in small pieces of furniture and accessories. Almost everything that is there, was found on flea markets of the English capital, and then renewed with bright colors and fabrics. An interesting contrast to the gray-blue walls are bright yellow accents, scattered in different parts of the apartment, and a spectacular graffiti next to the dining table and part of the furniture from aluminum do not allow to forget that this the loft, though very bohemian one.

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