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If you have a summer house or garden, and sometimes you require something bright around you, these ideas will inspire you to change your backyard or garden into something extraordinary and unique. If the you want to remain at least within something, which is considered as good taste, use the authoritative opinion of the French designers, presented in this article.

They are sure that the best way to “insert color” in the garden is making small but quite bright accents, scattered among the greenery of the garden or centered in the terrace area.

We have analyzed the ideas of ??two French magazines – “Mon Jardin & ma maison” and “Le Journal de la Maison”. And this gallery was born for your inspiration. It has 11 methods with a lot of examples. Garden elements, which can be painted in bright colors:

The easiest and most efficient way to add color accents to your garden is to paint what you already have in the garden. You can think of garden elements of various sized, from small things like flower pots to large-size objects (fences, garden furniture or flooring on the terrace).

1) colorful flowers containers

Almost in every garden there are flowers, so bright containers for them will be a nice and charming accent.

As you can see in the photos, it’s not necessarily that you have to use flower pots. Lot of other suitable containers can play the role of the containers. You can try something really unusual, like old furniture or even shoes (like rubber boots). Ok, if you don’t have something sufficient, you can go and have a look in the garden centers

2) Bright fences and walls in the garden and backyard

Perhaps the primary fence enclosing the garden from your neighbors, you wouldn’t have such crazy idea to touch it. But on the site in the garden or backyard you can always put a low decorative fence separating the functional areas. And if you have a dull old brick or concrete walls, why not paint some of them?

3) Arbors and pergola – convenient and nice idea of a modern garden or backyard

Any wooden garden elements lose their fresh look over time. Try to paint them in bright colors! In addition to the updated appearance, and you will get a spectacular accent, which will be quite noticeable even from a distance.

4) Floorings and pathwalks in modern garden

Continuing the theme of painting the wooden elements of the garden, we are going to draw your attention to the decking terrace or patio (if you have such). In addition to it, you can paint the stone pathwalks.

5) Bright art objects in the backyard

Surprise your guests with art crafts, done by yourself! The bridge with railings, painted in red, will show your enthusiasm for the East Culture. And the incredible blue branches, placed around a small pond in a chaotic manner, will delight children. Bright recreation garden ideas:

6) chairs, hammocks, cushions – either for privacy, or for communication

Small armchair in the midst of garden greenery – for those who love the cozy corners, hidden from people’s eyes. Hammocks and hanging chairs in the garden – for children and those, who likes exotics. Bright pillows scattered on the grass – for those who prefer an informal chat. A wicker and wooden chairs in the fiery colors in the tropics – for guests or family.

7) Colorful garden tables

It’S not really difficult to find these small garden tables, which are usually metal or plastic. Garden tables are usually produced in such bright colors.

garden tables garden tables
garden tables

8) Bright garden umbrellas and garden awnings – for comfort in your garden or backyard

These ones will protect you not only from bright and hot sun in summer, but also from a rainy autumn weather. Garden umbrellas and garden awnings give not only comfort to your family spending unforgettable time in your backyard garden, but also become a really bright accent for backyard landscape an can be a nice addition to your home and garden place.

Garden stuff for a good mood:

This part is for those, who likes not only bright colors, but also the original lighting, as well as decorating trees.

9) Garden and backyard garland ideas

For holiday or just for a good mood. From the tapes, flags, silk flowers or factory lighting solutions.

10) Garden lanterns

Small or large, in a bright shade or multi-colored, in trees or on a lawn, over a table or along the tracks. Your garden will look like brightly even in the evening! Use garden lanterns and you will have a nice and cosy garden

11) Unusual garden light objects

These decorative garden light options are not easy to find. But if you’re lucky – get some of them, if there will be such occasion. They will not only attracts the eye, but will become also the original decoration for the garden.

garden light garden light garden light

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