Children's playhouse in the garden or backyard: 2 inspiring examples of kids playhouses in details. | Modern Interior and Decor Ideas

Here we offer an original solution for those, who would like to construct such children’s playhouse in the garden or backyard.

Children’s playhouse from Ashley + Jamin.


It was just one tree growing in the area lawn area, no better place could be found for the construction of children’s playhouse.

If you decided to build something like that, use the Ashley’s advice: firstly, think about the structural details, as they should be not only beautiful, but also completely reliable.

We are talking about solid ladder (so it would be able to withstand even the weight of very heavy adult), the walls, roof and railing, fencing (designed for a child of any age).

As for the decor – you can turn on your imagination at full capacity. Here are the ideas from this childrens playhouse, which seemed for us the most interesting, and you could borrow some, when creating a playhouse for your kids: – canopy looking like sails – it is the entrance to the interior of the kids house, but at the same time it adds a bit of mystery, looks airy, and do not require large expenses; – juicy, but not tiring ultramarine color for the walls, “little room” is a glaze on the wooden boards with the effect of antiquity; – only chairs play the role of bright color accents, and that is enough to make children’s eyes do not get tired of the abundance of visual details;- less furniture inside, because child’s activity requires a lot of space; – the use of solar powered night light garden garlands cost saving and appropriate to the open air;

– a piece of landscape design in front of the kids house is a tree in a tub and flower pots, they are unpretentious, but add to the charm and invite to climb the stairs to a cozy cottage.

Irma’s garden playhouse:

And this nice children’s playhouse was created by Swedish decorator and designer Kicki Wieslander for her daughter.

How she did it? She just bought a small garden shed, and then fully painted it: the walls (outside + insie) and ceiling – in white, and the door – in bright red.It is absolutely multifunctional space inside of the house now, it is almost a mini-apartment. At one end is a comfortable bench with cushions, beneath which her daughter puts toys in plastic containers with lids. At the other end – a spacious work surfaces for painting and crafts, attached with the brackets to the wall. Opposite the front door between the windows there is a kitchen area with almost indistinguishable from the stove and pretty shelves for dishes and sweet jars.

In addition to this environment the author picked up lovely small decorations. Curtains are made of cotton flower, found in grandmother’s boxes. Homespun rugs bought on sale. The walls aredecorated with laminated pages from old children’s books.

Agree that none of this requires a lot of money, except for the construction of the children’s playhouse. But the joy of your children, which you will provide with such play house, will last for a long time! And maybe yours too…

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