Bright and cozy – 3 perfect examples of teenager girl room designs and decorations

It is much more complicated decorating, designing and arranging a room for a teenareg than for a kid or a baby. However, if you turn your imagination on and borrow some nice original ideas from the designs of teenager girl rooms, which your girl might like, the result will amaze not only you, butof course your young dаughter.

But if you really want her to thank you for your efforts in renewing her room, firstly spend some time with her looking thought teenager girl room designs, hearing and noticing her preferences, advicing her about the best solutions of what she wants her room to look like and what decorations would be the most suitable for teenager girl room design.

Here we have included three teenager girl room interior ideas, created by European decorators, including – room for two teenage girls.

You will notice the similarity in design, and that’s why we combined those designs together. And by the way these designs seem to be really appreciated by their inhabitants. Just look on those faces!

Talking about decor for a room of teenager girl you can think of fun pillows and unusual drawers, colorful rugs and storage tanks.

When choosing a styles for teenager girl room interior, they can be very different, including unusual mixes such as:

  • and bohemian romantic girl room with handmade details (gallery 1)
  • romantic teenager girl room interior (gallery 2)
  • bohemian vintage teenager girl room interior(gallery 3),

Bright teenage girl room interior with handmade details

The design of this room is characterized by daring and incredible ideas. Blue Door, dots on the walls, stars on the floor, and that’s not everything.


Look on a drawer, painted by a girl. Follow this link go have more ideas of how to decorate or renew your IKEA drawer.

Unusual carpet, decorative pink ladder, lampshade decorated with colorful ribbons – all this hints make this room unbeleavable.

Who could imagine, that a common beach umbrella could be used as a canopy?

bright-teenage-girl-room-interior-with-handmade-details-1-200x160-7706071 bright-teenage-girl-room-interior-with-handmade-details-2-200x160-5647418 bright-teenage-girl-room-interior-with-handmade-details-3-200x160-8564712 bright-teenage-girl-room-interior-with-handmade-details-4-200x160-7798629
bright-teenage-girl-room-interior-with-handmade-details-5-200x160-9836599 bright-teenage-girl-room-interior-with-handmade-details-6-200x160-8322381 bright-teenage-girl-room-interior-with-handmade-details-7-200x160-9107704 bright-teenage-girl-room-interior-with-handmade-details-8-200x160-1966499

Example of bohemian style in a room for two teenage girls

Bright colors, a variety of finishing and warm colors – that’s what distinguishes the room of Sarah and Rebecca. High-quality bunk beds save space. Perfect leaving room for games and hobbies.

The design of this room is based on the mix of three style: bohemian, hippie and vintage. Vintage or antique furniture, many handmade items.

Two  industrial style tables contrast with vintage chairs and a wardrobe. Shelves painted in the color of the tables perfectly complement this unusual mix of styles.

bohemian-style-in-a-room-for-two-teenage-girls-9-200x160-7110536 bohemian-style-in-a-room-for-two-teenage-girls-1-200x160-7485113 bohemian-style-in-a-room-for-two-teenage-girls-2-200x160-3336407 bohemian-style-in-a-room-for-two-teenage-girls-3-200x160-3020797
bohemian-style-in-a-room-for-two-teenage-girls-4-200x160-3623421 bohemian-style-in-a-room-for-two-teenage-girls-5-200x160-7110973 bohemian-style-in-a-room-for-two-teenage-girls-6-200x160-4509868 bohemian-style-in-a-room-for-two-teenage-girls-7-200x160-6021334

Coziness and romance in teenage girl interior

We want to draw your attention firstly to the fact that this teenareg room almost has no sharp lines. Rounded countertop, curved brackets, round pouf – all these items creates a feeling of harmony and peace.

To not clutter the room, wardrobes were built into a specially created niche of plasterboard, painted to match the walls. Nice white doors perfectly complement the romantic atmosphere of the room.

Light and almost weightless curtains on the window allow natural light to fill the room from the very morning during the whole day.

coziness-and-romance-in-teenage-girl-interior-9-200x160-3885859 coziness-and-romance-in-teenage-girl-interior-2-200x160-5801615 coziness-and-romance-in-teenage-girl-interior-3-200x160-4137437 coziness-and-romance-in-teenage-girl-interior-4-200x160-6135829
coziness-and-romance-in-teenage-girl-interior-5-200x160-2330789 coziness-and-romance-in-teenage-girl-interior-6-200x160-7114524 coziness-and-romance-in-teenage-girl-interior-7-200x160-9181856 coziness-and-romance-in-teenage-girl-interior-8-200x160-7906826

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