Magic tree house in the middle of a fir forest and few ideas for cool tree houses! | Modern Interior and Decor Ideas

No doubt this is an unbelievable picture of an awesome tree house and I myself can’t believe that this small tree house was built exactly on firs. It seems like somebody decided to fulfill his or her childhood dream to have something like a shelter, children’s cool tree houses or a magic tree house on a fir in a deep-deep forest.

Probably each of us in childhood has ever tried to make a small hut on the tree, so you can then with friends arrange a party, or just hide from the parents, relax in the hot heat, hide during any confusion or trouble in the family. All of us wanted to have a quiet place where you could hide from the world so no one could bother. Someone makes such facilities on trees, someone in the yard, and some live in a city and they have to do something like that in their room. Actually why not?

And this awesome tree house was built in the middle of a forest on a couple of firs. I do not know how, but all the kids try to make something like this anyway. All children go through this. We don’t know where all the children take this desire, but it is present uniquely … All children want to build a hut or something like hovel and spend some time there playing or relaxing, it doesn’t matter. And that is fact that not only children enjoy from having a cool tree houses, but also grown-ups sometimes fulfill their childhood dreams and create house on a tree to have a piece of quietness in their grown-up live – to have this magic tree house somewhere far from life problems and troubles.

Here is no doubt one of the most awesome tree houses. We have found this three house idea with the interior of a tree house. You can see how cool the interior of this magic tree house is. Enjoy also some other ideas of cool tree houses below the pictures of this tree house on firs.

Awesome magic tree house on firs in a forest

Awesome magic tree house terrace

Magic tree house bedroom interior

Awesome magic tree house terrace bench

Awesome magic tree house bedroom interior

Magic tree house livingroom fireplace

Magic tree house kitchen interior

Cool tree houses – ideas from all over the world!

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