Collection of Small Home Office Ideas.

Have you ever thought of making small home office in front of the window? Not to the right of the window, as it is usually done, but in front of it, putting the desktop next to the window. Actually there are a lot of arguments for this option. There will be enough light In the afternoon, and you can always have some rest just gazing through the window. In addition to that such small home office will fit in a really small space, for example on a balcony, terrace or in a small bedroom.

The most tight version of such home office workplace will be replacing the windowsill with a wide wooden worktop (such one, for example, which is usually used for the kitchen worktop). And this is just one of the options, but there are much much more! Just have a look on our gallery of home office ideas. Here we have collected more than 50 home office pictures, where you will be able to find a lot of cool home office ideas.

Home office ideas – home office on a small space in front of the window.

If you are planning small home office as a separate room up to 10 square meters, there’s not much space in your flat, but you definitely need a convenient working table; or purhaps you don’t need rather big table, you usually work on laptop – these home office ideas are for you.

Home office ideas – working table instead of a windowsill.

And this the examples of what happens if you remove the standard window sill aтв put a kitchen countertop instead. This trick will help those, who have lack of space in apartment but still need some place to work at home.

Home office ideas – organizing storage in a small home office

If you work at home you definitely know how easily you can be distracted by anything, what is happening in your flat of by your neighbours. These ideas for organizing storage places in your home office will help you at least not to be distracted by searching for relevant documents and things. In this section of our home office ideas we give you 3 most useful solutions for storage around the desktop in front of the window.

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