Fantastic elegant bathroom designs from portfolio of Lara Francis!

Introducing this designer to our readers, we want not only to show examples of beautiful design bathroom. The practical meaning of this bathroom pics gallery is the following. These bathroom pics will give you the ability to see how through a spectacular details and exquisite color combinations bathrooms are transformed into masterpieces, of which those glossy magazines are so fond of.

Besides professional designers and their customers, who are not limited by their money, bathroom design works of Lara Francis will also be of interest to all fans of modern style – from the luxury glamor and elegance in bathroom to the drama and intensity of classical dream baths.

But first – a few words for those who are confident that the luxury is only for reach people. If you compare the cost of repairing, decoration and assembling of the bathroom with other rooms of the house, you will see that for the equivalent of 1 square meter, the renewing of baths will be much more expensive than any other room of your house.

Facing with this paradox for the first time, you may decide to go into sparing and economizing the funds while making your bath room, and the “main victim” is likely to be finishing the walls, and then you’ll be also trying to do a minimum of decoration in your bath room. However, experienced designers know that even a couple of small areas of the bathroom, decorated with a special glamor, are able to enrich its appearance and raise it to the higher level.

Drawing attention to the way how Lara Francis uses mosaics and tiles, mirrors and glass, niches and lighting, and harmonious color combinations in her bath design works – you probably will get fresh ideas for your own inspiration.

And before you jump to looking through spectacular luxury bathrooms, let us tell a few words about the designer.

In 2007 an English woman Lara Francis was considered as one of the ten brightest rising stars in the world of interior design (according to the most known expert in this area – the magazine “idFX”). In 2012 she became a finalist for the prestigious competition in the professional British “Homes & Gardens Designer of the Year Awards” in the “bath” nomination.

Before moving on to independent practice, Lara Francis worked for several years as the leading designer in the Flow Company, specializing on designing the luxury class baths. Therefore, her masterful ability to find the most spectacular solutions in design of baths is based on rich experience of working with suppliers and contractors.

Exquisite luxury and modern bathrooms by Lara Francis are the acknowledged recognized samples of good taste and talent, which draw attention to some details. Let these pictures of baths will help you to find your own solutions designing your dream bathrooms!

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