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Styling interior in the spirit of French style became really popular among many decorators from many countries. Someone likes elegant classic style of 18-19 century, others prefer country style, and some prefer boudoir style luxury around. What is French country style? You will definitely understand after reading this article and looking through selection of this partly vintage “my” French country home. This is one of the best from our point of view French style homes, which we’ve seen before.

But still outside of France these design concepts are often combined all in one single house, mingling in a fun cocktail, always attracting attention. Experienced decorators often share different styling options for rooms, so no one accuse them of violating the rules of good taste. French style is amazing.

How does it look like? Everything is simple and logical. Decorations of interior in a French aristocratic salon style support a respectable image of housing, and that is why such French decor and style is perfect for the living room, grand dining room and hallways.

French style in interiors and decorations is more about large and rough forms, lots of wood and bright textile detail, which add comfort. This French country style is often included in the interior of kitchen, family dining room, room with fireplace, children rooms and sometimes guest bedrooms.

Country French style interior in american home – luxury design by JMA

French boudoir style means elegance, relaxed atmosphere, abundance of fabrics and draperies, as well as much other cute stuff, which attracts women attention. That is why, when it comes to French styling, bedrooms and bathrooms are usually decorated this way. For somebody this will seem more of dry theory, while for others this will help to create own interior, reflecting the enthusiasm for French style. But it is better to see a real example of this attitude to the styling in French.

We are glad to present you this gorgeous interior of a house from US. This luxury interior of cottage was created by talented studio of designers under the leadership of professional interior designer with 10 years of experience – Jackie Armour from Florida (JMA interior studio – All of what is written above is performed here at the highest professional level.

Especially we liked the large kitchen in French country style and 5 stunning bedrooms, each of which looks like a work of art. Find ideas for inspiration or simply enjoy watching beautiful interiors – more than 50 photos of the interiors of private house in French style.

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