Gentle Care: charming nursery interiors from “Casa Pro” Contest

Of course, most of parents start asking themselves questions about decorating of the baby room. After all, it must not only competently accommodate crib, changing table and toys, but also there should be baby stuff and comfortable place for nursing mothers.

If a child is lucky and will have his or her own room, the problem becomes more complicated, because it is necessary to plan the environment, choose the color palette, purchase furniture and knick decor, which will be interesting and understandable for the baby.

Such questions have no national boundaries and excite loving parents in many countries. This gallery has collected 42 interiors of nurseries for infants. All of them received the most votes in the Brazilian magazine “Casa Pro”. For convenience, we have assigned them to four sections – in accordance with their style and some differences:

• planning, zoning and placement of furniture in nursery;

• perfect lighting ideas for baby’s room;

• combinations of colors and shades in the baby’s room;

• wall decor for the nursery

All of those options are followed by the advices from decorators, which will help you when planning and decorating your nursery. Good luck!

Planning, zoning and placement of furniture in nursery

Basic ideas on planning and furniture arrangement can be found in the photographs. Nevertheless, we will describe some points below.

Even the tiniest baby nursery should have a comfortable chair for mom. If you’re lucky enough with the room size, place the sofa or couch.

Did you think of where the baby stuff should be stored? Think about the mess, when you will continuously be buying new toys and clothes and your baby will grow. It’s worth thinking in advance. Changing table can be equipped with a mini-rack, pockets and hanging lockers. Buy chest of drawers, arrange a shelf under the bed, use the built-in cupboard or niche. By the way, niches and shelves fulfill a decorative function, if you put them toys.

Perfect lighting ideas for baby’s room

We often underestimate this kind of lighting. While planning a baby nursery, think carefully about the question of light. Delicate soft light from a hidden niche or recess in the ceiling, not only creates a more comfortable space, but also is very gentle for the eyes of a young child.

You can place toys or pictures in the niches, and such illumination will look even more attractive.

Combinations of colors and shades in the baby’s room

Really often nursery has small size. Considering this it is better to choose light colors – pastel or neutral for arranging nursery. Such colors visually expand space and don’t disturb your kid. If you like the brightness in design, don’t paint the whole wall with pink or blue – leave the lower part white and add accents (rug, pillows).

Who said that nursery must be pink or blue? Try a combination of white chocolate, sand, red, purple. Just remember – don’t put to much of saturated colors.

 Wall decor for the nursery

The most traditional option for decorating walls in nursery is to have accent patterned wallpaper (children stories, strips, squared, flowers, vegetable). Decorate with only 1-2 pieces, and leave the rest of the walls plain light.

Walls can also be decorated with fun stickers (of course if the surface is plane) or with the paintings or stenciled drawings (if you are familiar with this technique).

But if you prefer easier solutions – decorate walls with the toys on the shelves. After all, cute dolls, bears, and other toys bring special comfort and help the baby to get acquainted with the world.

If you decide to decorate the walls with pictures – choose those with large details and clear meaning.

Enjou picture gallery of various nice real nursery interior designs and charming nursery decoration ideas

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