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Your kids can not sit in kids room, they want to explore the house and throw toys wherever possible… I guess this picture is familiar to those, who are parents. Then this is the time to arrange the living room convenient for both you and your children.

I’ts really important to the children to fill close to their parents, to be close to everything what happens in the house. Therefore, they really need a place for games in the living room, where they will be able to communicate with their parents and each other.

Even if your living room is small, it still can be enough to create a place for children’s leisure. All you need is a compact table, a pair of poufs, some other decorations and a little bit of imagination.
Learn how to create a living room for a family with children, following the advice of a decorator Elizabeth Sylvester and her examples of such a harmonious living room interior combinations.

Interior of the family living room with a children’s play area:

Decorator Elizabeth Sylvester has created a comfortable and a nice living room with a concern for the interests of children and their parents.


Tips on arrangement of the game corner:

  1. Natural carpets will not only be good for the children, but also visually separate the playing area.
  2. Ottomans/poufs – a really good thing for a room where children play. They do not have sharp corners and, if necessary, are easily stored under the table or in a corner.
  3. Basket help to have order in toys without cluttering the room with additional cabinets and drawers.
  4. Several tables of different height. They can be easy removed when guests come.

Other tips for the family living room from Elizabeth.

  • First of all, children should have enough space for active games, it will help them grow up healthy;
  • Purchase removable covers for your furniture, it will be easy to care for those – to quickly remove and wash the dirt from food or colors;
  • Choose compact furniture for a gaming 

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