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People say that nothing reminds you more and will not make you forget, like having the goals and plans before your eyes. And even if you continuously work on computer, it is always good to have major plans not on a computer, but somewhere outside fo the virtual world. That somehow can bring you to a reality.

Of course there are a lot of apps on our devices, that can continuously remind us, but, there are people, we call them creatieve, who tried using such methods, but unfortunately these apps are sometimes too complicated and messy to understand, so we got used to old ancient ways of reminding us, what and when we need to do. Message Boards, Memo boards, or some say bulletin boards – that is the solution, which fits our needs and makes our life much easier!
Here we have collected pictures of message board, memo board ideas and spreaded them for several sections. Enjoy this small collection of message board ideas, and we are pretty sure, you will find something, which can fit your expectations and possibilities for creating someting like these memo bulletin boards on your cabinet.

Magnetic memo boards and rails for notes

One of the most popular modern solutions. Enough to attach the board to the wall and have some magnets and your memo board is ready.
And if you are not satisfied with the common colors of magnetic memeo boards (usually black, white, grey), you can paint it with any other color or shade using spray paints for metal, or pull it around with cloth, fixing adges on the back side of the board.


Cork DIY memo boards for papers and stickers

Another known solution – DIY cork board + pins. You can select one or more board, attach them on the wall or placed on a table. It will harmoniously fit the interior of the room, if you will frame this cork message board with wooden frame and surrownd it with wooden shelves.


French memo boards and other interesting and unusual ideas for memo boards, message boards

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