Modern Swedish living room interior design. Cool minimalistic trends!

Swedish interior designers always surprise with some new nice interior design and decor tendencies. The overall trend of Swedish interior designs, from our point of view, and lots of interior lovers throughout the world will agree with us, is minimalistic and lofty look of interior. Swedish interiors look really simple, bright and spacious, without any extra stuff, which could ruin such feeling. There are sometimes nice bright accents in such interiors, which give more life to a really still interior feeling. Sometimes it can be a bright and unusual chandelier, or it can be a leather armchair in saturated brown color, or it can be one wall, covered with dark or glamour wallpaper. Such accents drive people crazy. And you can notice them in most of Swedish interiors.

This time we will focus on modern Swedish living room interior. Of course modern Swedish living room interiors have the same tendencies as the most of Swedish interiors do. Swedish living rooms are really spacious, even in small apartments the designers manage to arrange Swedish living room interior in such way, that you fill space everywhere. Nothing in such Swedish living room design seems needless. Everything is like on its certain place and seems to be in some really well through order. And that is the thing, which really amazes in Swedish interiors and the way how Swedish interior designers design living rooms and overall design of the apartment.

And now let’s have a look on some features of the modern Swedish living room interior.

Typically there are chairs in the modern living room, they are not usual, but they are most cozy (while this is living room the place to have some rest). One more interesting characteristic is small folding tables…besides folding tables there are also normal tables, but they are really old and it seems like a nowadays trend, if talking about modish furniture and not only for the living room, and of course carpets in the middle of the modern living room (sometimes vintage, sometimes modern). In some rooms you will see fireplace, sometimes decorative, and sometimes functioning. I guess, it helps during cold winters, and of course brings some romance into cold apartments.

The most general and probably trendy characteristic of the modern Swedish living room interiors is minimalistic design. You can fill this trend in all of the modern living room interiors.

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