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There are not so many events in a year that would suggest a certain style tableware, but maybe that’s the ritual of preparation for the feast above all creates a special mood and anticipation of the holiday. You do not expect a huge celebration on Valentine’s Day, but rather a good reason for a romantic somewhat a small dinner in an atmosphere full of caring, good feelings and good memories.

To help you remember this day, we took some time to help you create some unique and exquisite tableware. We have collected ideas for your inspiration – 50 photos of items and a few examples of banquet tables you could use to celebrate upcoming lovers’ holiday.

There are 6 parts with the gallery:

• textiles, • plate ornaments, • decoration of glasses and bottles, • additional decorations for the table, • flower arrangements,

• a general look of banquet tables.

Look through a few ideas that resonate with you, your mood, and let this day fill you with joy, love and happiness!

Valentines day ideas, decorating plate for romantic evening – Plate decor and ornament ideas

Decoration of the plates for any holiday is often a major part of the decoration of the main table. Valentine’s Day – is no exception. Use napkin rings, miniature and boutonnieres underplates (made of paper, plastic or textile), cards with wishes and souvenirs – all that can be used to express your love.

Valentines day romantic decorations and table setting

Additional decorations for the table. Here you can find a few images for additional ornament ideas that would add charm to your romantic table.

Valentines day romantic decorations and table setting

Valentines day romantic decorations and table setting, decorating glasses.

How to decorate glasses and bottles for Valentine’s Day?

Glimpse of light in transparent or colored glass stemware creates a special atmosphere of intimacy. But give special attention to decorate the glass itself. Glasses tat you are planning on using on the day can be decorated with ribbons and positioned in the center of the table in groups of 2-3 glasses (use flowers, acrylic stones or sweets to give an extra special look for your glasses).

Valentines day romantic decorations and table setting decorating glasses

Wine champagne bottles decor valentines day

Wine champagne bottles decor valentines day

Romantic table settings for Valentines Day

Flowers and flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day

You can not slide through the Day of Love without flowers, because they are – a symbol of beauty and sensuality. Look through our special collection on the theme of romantic flowers and bouquet arrangements in the next post.

Valentines day romantic decorations and table setting

Valentine table set ideas textile – Tablecloth and napkins

This ‘textile’ section is made up of 2 options for the holiday table: color (red, pink, crimson and white tone) and stylistic decor (hearts, flowers, polka dots, butterflies).

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