Small handmade decorative wardrobe out of matchbox | Modern Interior and Decor Ideas

House Decor – small decorative wardrobe. For creating such decorative wardrobe you will need: – Empty matchboxes 2 pieces; – Thick cardboard (Binding), a better and different thickness 1 or 2 mm; – Dark brown and white acrylic paint; – candle; – Sandpaper or nail file; – Any some decorations your taste

1) Take two empty boxes and glue them together tightly. Glued over cardboard box with 4 sides. Carefully glued and then hold the ends – it is important to make sure that the walls come together as one. Minor tabs can neatly cut down with sandpaper



2)Paint the workpiece with dark brown acrylic paint. When the paint dries take a candle and rub it well all the angles and protrusions on the inner and outer sides, calling on the walls of 1-2 mm. Then cover it with white acrylic paint (several layers).



3)Decorate cardboard boxes, as shown in the photo. The walls of the boxes should go lightly on the workpiece, but between the boxes there should be a gap. Subsequent rectangles have to be slightly less than the previous ones.




4)We perform with the boxes the same procedure – color with brown paint, rub a candle and paint with white color. icon_smile-5970352 When all is well dried, with fine sandpaper or nail file you have to erase the paint in places where the paraffin is.


5)Act carefully – do not rub up to cardboard. Let’s also use A little brown paint locker to make it look really old. 6)Now the pot Merge all the strips together into one long strip. We begin to twist. We turn quite tightly and evenly. Merge only once, when we get to the end. Of the 18 bands I have turned a disc of 3 cm-a is the diameter of the pot on top. Form the bottom – the lower floor, and the higher is already potty. Further, both thumbs must be placed as the second picture. Imagine that a pot of clay or clay and begin to squeeze out as if it is uniformly moving in a circle. When you get a pot that will suit you – inside all the necessary well miss the mark with glue and let dry.


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