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E-books – this is a really incredible and useful tool nowadays. However, many booklovers will agree with that such devices will not be able to substitute traditional paper books. After all, what can be better than turning the pages in the light of the lamp in a cold winter evening?

The only negative thing about keeping books at home is that books take place and sometimes lots of place. And real book lovers collect huge home libraries. Dark room with lots of dusty wardrobes and shelves covered with books from the bottom to the top. This image comes into my mind when remembering the home library of my parents. But if having some imagination and having some advice from a designer, books always become a wonderful way to make some interesting changes in the interior.

How to organize a home library? Here are some advices from professionals in this area:

1. Try sorting your books by genre in your home library.

2. Try laying your books alphabetically within each genre. Sorting out books by the first letter of the name of the author is the most convenient way to store and manage your big home library.

3. If you have a lot of books, you can make up your home library card. Or think of the latest technologies and take advantage of special computer programs for doing home library for you.

4. And of course, don’t forget to equip space for storing books. Good will be to have a separate room for the purpose of a home library. But in any case it is important to follow certain rules: the room must be light, vented shelves, and this home library should look like a decoration at home but not like a terrible mess.

So today we offer a selection of interesting solutions to grab ideas for your own home library.

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