Stone house photos. Example of good cobblestone masonry work. Perfect look of stone walls in interior design. Stone Craft

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We have already noticed that whether it is brick (painted or rich terracotta color), or coarse stone or cobblestone – any interior against such background looks very impressive and stylish. And today stone craft in the house is prevalent not only on the decorated stone walls, but also on the stone floor if the house is stonehouse. Great masonry work from cobblestone gives this stonehouse a nice and unforgettable look. You can agree that it is a very unusual technique of interior design. And overall this stonehouse is very colorful and memorable.

Nice exterior of a stonehouse and a good masonry work from natural cobblestone. This house looks really amazing. Against such greenery, this stone home looks truly magnificent, even in spite of the fact that it is small enough to compete with the huge stone castles of the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, this stone house gives to the place, where it is situated, a light aroma of the Middle Ages.
Here’s the perfect interior with elements of cobblestone masonry. The appearance of a living room breathes with quietness. Old wooden furniture perfectly complements this living room interior with elements of stone walls and open wooden beamed ceilings. White furniture color creates a perfect harmony with the tone of beige stone walls. Natural green plants give some life to a cold cobblestone, which is presented a lot in this interior. This is made for purpose by designer, while too much masonry and stone without anything natural and living could turn this interior into cold and lifeless interior. This bedroom has really small windows, but the white floor, a bright white ceiling and white walls do their job. Due to its light tones, even a small ray of sunshine brightens perfectly that the interior and makes the bedroom light and cozy.
There is not much of stone works in this room, while it’s a bedroom! You have to fill cozy and warm here. That’s why the interior designer in order to be in the concept of the whole stone house design, the designer has left one stonewall. Hey, how remarkably look modern wash basins and fashionable bathing set against the old cobblestone masonry of this old stone wall.
This is how perfectly looks nice old stone craft work in an old stone house, finished by an accurate hand of an interior designer.
This is a good example of stone craft and interior desing combination. It’s also a good example of an old cobblestone masonry and how such stone walls perfectly look in interior.

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