Tree shaped clothing hangers – 55 best ideas

The interest to eco style becomes more and more popular nowadays. Many people buy wooden furniture, herbal fiber wallpaper or natural fabric. Amateurs create decirations from natural materials taken from the street or own garden. And designers are inspired by natural motifs and coming up with original interior elements that affect our imagination in decoration stores.

In this article we will talk about one of the most extraordinary inventions in the field of eco-design. But first, think about this: what do you use for hanging your clothes when not at homoe? Most probably it will be the branches and twigs of trees! You do so without even thinking about the prospect of this simple action. But the designers realized that similar trees can be put into a home interior and actually this idea became extremely popular.

Decorative tree shaped clothing hanger in the hallway

When looking on the nature, it gave us so many different forms and ideas so that the imagination of designers based on what the nature gave, created such a big variety of the appearance of such tree shaped clothing hangers so it’s unbeleavable. With branches, twigs or leaves, floor and wall, natural color or painted – the choice is really wide, as you will see for yourself by viewing our gallery.

What the most interesting about tree shaped clothing hangers is that they play a role of an art object, and it’s absolutely true no matter how many clothes hang on the branches of those tree clothing hangers.

Tree shaped clothing hangers – variety of models and materials

Most often these tree hangers are purchased to be placed in hallways, they look trendy and fashionable and give a feeling that this flat or house has it’s own original taste. If you like bright colors and funny stuff for interior decoration you can notice the full variety of colorful tree shaped clothing racks and decorate your flat with such a wonderful piece of decor. By the way, such tree hangers can be placed to your kids rooms and will be very useful there. And actually it will not take a lot of time and effort to create such tree hangers with your own hands. See our DIY tutorial for tree hangers for children rooms here.

tree-shaped-clothing-hangers4-2-300x300-6613886 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers4-3-300x225-5553482

The most popular material for such tree clothing hangers is natural wood. Also common is plywood, sometimes metal.

55 best ideas of tree clothing hangers for your hallway and children room

diy-tree-shaped-clothes-hangers1-1-150x100-8169186 diy-tree-shaped-clothes-hangers1-2-150x100-9312872 diy-tree-shaped-clothes-hangers1-3-150x100-6673161 diy-tree-shaped-clothes-hangers2-1-150x100-2006769
diy-tree-shaped-clothes-hangers2-2-150x100-1964139 diy-tree-shaped-clothes-hangers2-3-150x100-2447435 diy-tree-shaped-clothes-hangers3-1-150x100-1296904 diy-tree-shaped-clothes-hangers3-2-150x100-4846645
diy-tree-shaped-clothes-hangers3-3-150x100-4047663 tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland1-150x100-3065550 tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland3-150x100-7911449 tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland8-150x100-1725616
tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland9-150x100-7998366 tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland10-150x100-4683636 tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland11-150x100-1759180 tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland12-150x100-3910130
tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland13-150x100-2897535 tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland15-150x100-1056578 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers-150x100-3533568 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-1-150x100-2123724
tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-2-150x100-1133346 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-7-150x100-7226124 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-8-150x100-6857566 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-9-150x100-5449109
tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-10-150x100-8545709 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-11-150x100-2302715 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-12-150x100-2305694 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers2-1-150x100-1518869
tree-shaped-clothing-hangers2-2-150x100-3066458 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers2-3-150x100-7938687 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers3-1-150x100-2155289 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers3-2-150x100-5668908
tree-shaped-clothing-hangers3-3-150x100-2266584 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers4-1-150x100-8092307 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers4-2-150x100-6149022 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers4-3-150x100-5449648
tree-shaped-clothing-hangers4-4-150x100-4388121 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers4-5-150x100-4925645 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers4-6-150x100-4640034 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers5-1-150x100-9738116
tree-shaped-clothing-hangers5-2-150x100-4561078 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers-for-kids1-150x100-5401920 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers-for-kids2-150x100-7081082 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers-for-kids3-150x100-5729071
tree-shaped-clothing-hangers-for-kids4-150x100-5468131 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers-for-kids5-150x100-4077820 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers-for-kids6-150x100-9105323 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-5-150x100-1524801
tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-6-150x100-8381460 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-4-150x100-7820156 tree-shaped-clothing-hangers1-3-150x100-9421083 tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland7-150x100-5461161
tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland6-150x100-6499247 tree-shaped-clothes-hangers-by-welland5-150x100-7984521

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