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Beautiful house with stained glass windows in Australia

Beautiful house with stained glass windows in Australia8

The color scheme of the interior of the house in Australia masterful combination of colors reminiscent of the impressionists. Against the background of bright walls, ceiling and floor bright furniture, paintings and decorative items look fantastic. The color palette chosen so thin, that you seem to dissolve in this space, each enjoying “smear” flare, every detail. Special mention is deserved stained glass that make this home a truly magical, like those windows we have already seen in the illustrations to fairy tales. If we talk about specifics, the furniture design is clearly inspired by the examples of the 60-70-ies of the last century, and the overall style gleaned from kotemporari styles and Scandinavian style. However, it is still only sources of inspiration, the entire interior as a whole is incredibly original both in color and texture, as well as on the general atmosphere of spiritual harmony and vitality.

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The refined design of the Wesley Moon

The refined design of the Wesley Moon14

For Wesly Moon the perfect design is when a designer work is almost not visible at first sight, but the interior is at once attracts and pleases the eye. Individuality and skillfully selected items – that according to the designer makes admire the interior of his mansions and specialists. Wesly fully involved in the process: it can directly monitor the repair works at the site, and after a couple of days to choose a unique antiques for the same project at a flea market in Paris – all to ensure that its customers get the best results. Today, we look great portfolio Wesly Moon!
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Elegant cottage with non-classical interior in the US

Elegant cottage with non-classical interior in the US - 1

Outside, elegant, and inside a little wild, and the beat – the interior of this cottage is perfect in the US in its eccentricity. The facade of the white cottage is incredibly pleasing to the eye, as if he came from fairy tales page. But within the interior is not as straightforward: all styles are weaved together to create an image of a modern home with a mysterious and free-spirited. The classic style and the Empire style brought echoes of the aristocracy nearly century-old building, ethnic elements added sharpness and Contemporary style elements tied together all the ingredients. The color palette is still somewhat calmer: black, white, beige, brown and not too flashy color accents. Wonderful, very harmonious interior!

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Interior design works from the New York studio Groves & Co

Interior design works from the New York studio Groves & Co

Groves & Co – this New York interior design studio is with a solid reputation and an impressive track record of completed projects. Just mentioning some names of commercial customers, for which the studio was creating interiors of their stores, and you’d understand the true value of their works: Tiffany, Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, etc. The style of Groves & Co has been described as a sophisticated mix of modern trends in design, exquisite luxury items and materials. Expensive, stylish, beautiful!

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Modern remodeling of an old Manhattan Kitchen

Modern remodeling of an old Manhattan Kitchen

After skillful reconstruction and remodeling of this kitchen in one of the townhouses of Manhattan it seemed like  it really increased in size and became more comfortable and much lighter (the photo of this kitchen “before remodeling” is at the end of the post). The owner of this house and the head of the family is a man, and he loves cooking, so the design was chosen for the male darker shade of gray. The island is now the main and unifying element in the kitchen, where the family gets together, eats together cooks together, or just talks together. Excellent modern kitchen with traditional charm!

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A modern look at traditional interiors by Paloma Contreras (Texas, USA)

Paloma Contreras - modern traditional usa interiors

The site eponymous studio interior designer Paloma Contreras is given a very good characteristic – “trendsetter taste» ( «tastemaker» ). For more than 10 years she has worked in the design industry, with her own popular blog and constantly appearing on the pages of thematic magazines, not only of her native Texas. This is what identifies her: a modern interpretation of traditional American interior, where the classic forms combined with elements of glamor and bright hues. But perhaps the best thing about her works is that they tell everything by themselves… watch and enjoy!

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Gorgeous modern apartment in New York City

Gorgeous modern apartment in New York City - 1

Just look at it is incredibly stylish and very bright and modern living space in New York City! High ceilings and unusual layout go only for the benefit of this apartment.

An impressive open plan living room with huge windows of the loft, a spacious bedroom with a glass wall on the second floor, bright children. Oh how jealous we are! ;-)

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Hotel Drake Devonshire Inn on the Ontario Lake shore

Drake Devonshire Inn - Lake Ontario Hotel Canada

When the owners of a Canadian hotel chains Drake first saw the lovely traditional holiday home in the beautiful resort village on the shore of Lake Ontario, they simply fell in love with this place. The beautiful combination of historic architecture and unique nature. This was something attractive and charming. Soon on the site is slightly outdated building a new stylish resort with a creative design studio from TongTong in bright colors and with bold combinations. Wonderful!

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The fascinating hotel in an old Spanish mansion Cal Reiet in Majorca

Fascinating hotel is in an old Spanish mansion Cal Reiet Majorca - 7

Cal Reiet is a really incredibly fascinating hotel in Majorca, in which the creators managed to keep the cozy atmosphere of an old country estate. It’s building was built in 1881 but recently designers from Bloomint studio made it an oasis of comfort and a fine example of careful treatment of historic architecture. But the motto of the hotel is very precise: «Cal Reiet – a place where time stands still.” Enjoy watching!

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Pastel Inspiration in Scandinavian style – from Australian design company Norsu

Scandinavian pastel color living room

Today we are happy to share the wonderful new collection of photographs of a young Australian company Norsu. This company was created by two ordinary housewives from Victoria state, who once met during “Young Moms” training, where they realized that they both adore Scandinavian design. That is how was this beautiful Australian Store born. Now they are selling Scandinavian decor and furniture. Their credo is – “bringing greater Scandinavian style in Australian homes.” By the way, the name is translated from Finnish as “elephant”. Enjoy your inspiration!

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Freestanding Stone Tub – the Aristocratic piece in your bathroom!

Freestanding Stone Tub - the Aristocratic piece in your bathroom

Large space, beautiful shape and foam bath pleasure in stone tub of a Roman patricians and the French kings… Stone bathtub returns from ancient times, but now it has become refined, perfect shapes and modern quality – an aristocratic piece in your home.
AQUATICA brand, which decorates the best homes and hotels in the US and Europe for more than 12 years . Each model is designed by world-famous designers and is made by hand from the best materials by a unique patented formula.

These standalone tubs are made of artificial stone – which is a feature of the invention, a new chapter in the book of technologies of the XXI century.
This artificial stone material is endowed with unique qualities – does not absorb odors, leaves no residue when cleaning, fire and heat-resistant, has solid and heavy-duty structure, hygienic and can be used in contact with food. It is also eco-friendly (well recyclable).

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