Old palazzo with a modern twist


The combination of modern and antiques – is the main feature of the interior of the magnificent palace built in the 13th century in Rome. At the same time, a mix of old and new is striking, and it is a sign of high professionalism of the design. Antique items updated, refreshed and presented with a modern twist (such as a couch in the bright upholstery, and the whole building in general). Novelty and modern design approach is also evident in the color combinations. On the one hand, it’s fine, deep and fairly self-sufficient tones (deep blue, turquoise, crimson, gold). On the other – they are present in an interior that was not quite typical for the old interiors of the past centuries. Streamlined shape, soft lines, simple silhouettes – interior looks simple, but very elegant and clearly felt the high style. Palazzo for those who appreciate classical music and its legacy in modern design ideas!
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Monochrome Swedish flat (57 sq. M)


ENTRANCE Swedish real estate agency is different from its competitors not only first-class objects in the sale, but also the beautiful creative photography apartments. Photos on their website are very stylish and artistic, often with the processing and filters on the interior looks even more inspiring. Today we have a monochrome one-bedroom apartment of 57 square meters. m. Look!
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Photographer Ragnar Omarsson


Ragnar Omarsson was born in Reykjavik, but in 17 years, went to Italy to embody his childhood dream to become a photographer – he studied at the Faculty of “Graphic Design” in one of the prestigious schools of Florence. Next, in search of opportunities for professional growth, he moved with his wife to Stockholm, where he works to this day. His talent was quickly spotted by leading interior design companies in Scandinavia (including IKEA) with which Ragnar became very tightly together. All the best of Scandinavian design can be found in his wonderful portfolio. Enjoy!
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Luxury historic 19th century mansion classic interior in London

Rose Uniacke's home in London

From the grandeur of this luxury mansion classic interior in London takes your breath away! built house of the 19th century was once the residence of the famous artist, here housed his studio and gallery. Interestingly, even the structure was partially damaged during a bombing in World War II. Before designer Rose Uniacke task was to preserve the existing structure of the building and restore the original elements of interior design – in short, to restore its former glory. For these purposes, the work had attracted the best artists who used traditional techniques of restoration. Indeed, the design team was able to return to this magnificent house of his soul!
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Charming white interior of apartment in Stockholm


Tell me how they do it? How can Scandinavians so easily create such an incredibly harmonious white interiors, filled with life and light, if this is not cool and not boring! Scandinavian designers are truly masters of their craft. Just look at the colors of the game – taken as a basis white, but with the addition of barely noticeable tones and pastel shades, interior like blossoms. Nothing extra in this interior – everything is perfect in white…

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Great classic interior in Moscow


This is just the very infrequent case where luxurious, rich classics performed by interior designers does not look vulgar and tasteless. Even the gold surface and expensive materials are not present here in order to show the customer an unlimited budget, but to harmoniously complete the elegant and slightly museum (in a good way), the classic style of the interior. Sophisticated forms, beautiful art, great moldings – really high-quality and very interesting work of the interior designer.
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Refined French chalet in the Alps


The French have always been distinguished elegance and simplicity. Both of these principles are implemented in the design, created for this magnificent alpine mountain-palace home. In the design of a lot of wood and fabric, the interior is very soft, light, gentle. House sets on relaxation, both physical and spiritual. Tactilely perceptible heat from the space helps to find peace after a day out in the mountains in the fresh crisp air.
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Still a little bit of inspiration from Scandinavian style Sandberg art


The inspiration for his drawings on the wallpaper designers Sandberg receive contemplating the magnificent nature and landscapes native Sweden. Each sketch is drawn by hand by masters, every print is its own little story – that’s why branded wallpaper Sandberg as a small masterpiece of Scandinavian art. Today we have another piece of beautiful pictures of the latest company catalogs. Enjoy watching!
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small wooden house in a beautiful style Spanish interior design


This modest wooden house in Spain can boast of impressive dimensions, besides, most of the rooms have sloping ceilings, which imposes certain restrictions on the work of the designer. But nevertheless you see a really beautiful example of Spanish interior design style with a little touch of classics in interior. The hardest thing was a dining area: the hosts enjoyed a fairly overall furniture that had to fit into the narrow space between the supports holding special ceiling structure in mind. And that’s fortunate, because it is the inhabitants of the master bedroom – the room is very spacious, there is even equipped with a mini-living room with a sofa by the window.
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Bungalow with elements of ethno style home decor in Australia


The interior of a bungalow with Ethno style home decor by the sea no longer resembles anything in Sydney that it was built over 50 years ago. Meryl and John completely changed the face of the house with three bedrooms and transformed it into a stylish and authentic space. Simple furniture is perfectly combined with vases, figurines, cushions in ethno style – the wooden floor and white walls are madly all these accessories. Perfect home decor accents with the touch of ethno style in Australian interior.
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