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Another example of a white interior of a flat. Look how perfectly suits dark grey and brown in such interior


One more example of white interior. This time you see a combination of white with brown and grey accents with some shades. This combination also looks nicely and accurate in the interior. Particularly striking is a brown leather chair in the living room. This accent in a living room is really attractive because of it’s saturated brown color and a fine leather texture. One more thing to notice is the light. Continue reading

Charming beige interior of a really ambitious house in Spain


Looking on a backyard of this house you immediately catch how ambitious this house is.
A bright blue water in a big pool, just a perfect lawn, green herbal fence, carefully
trimmed trees and flowers, terrace with a really fantastic sea view, all of that explains
that this is a rich and loving place of rest for a really rich family with a perfect taste. Continue reading