Red and yellow apples as an autumn home and table setting decor for various occasions | Modern Interior and Decor Ideas

In this gallery we have collected many original ways to decorate the interior and the autumn table with apples: from garlands and hearts to candlesticks and a wonderful garnish. See how perfectly such apple decor looks.  Halloween is approaching and Thanksgivings day is not far away. We cannot imagine both of these holiday without apples. … Read more

Ordinary Miracle – children rooms from VIBEL – 4 delightful themes for girl rooms | Modern Interior and Decor Ideas

This article touchs the history of this fantastic company producing furniture for children, it shows also some great examples of arranging the whole room with complete set of furniture, decor, linens etc. 4 young girl rooms described and more than 60 photos are available. The history of French brand Vibel began over 20 years ago, … Read more

Magic winter forest. The rules of using decorative branches as a part of Christmas decor. | Modern Interior and Decor Ideas

Some people prefere to use bright and traditional decorations in ther interior during New Year holidays, while others are able to stand out by being original. For example, you might recall your long-standing passion for minimalism and eco- style. Don’t worry, even if you were unable to used this style in your house, you can … Read more

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Like reading books, but don’t have a place to read in your apartment? Here are some ideas for a place to read. I am pretty sure that classic books will always be popular among book lovers. Although nowadays people became more pragmatic and yes it is convenient having e-book and carrying hundreds of books in … Read more