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Red and yellow apples as an autumn home and table setting decor for various occasions


In this gallery we have collected many original ways to decorate the interior and the autumn table with apples: from garlands and hearts to candlesticks and a wonderful garnish. See how perfectly such apple decor looks. Continue reading

Strawberry abundance – 45 tasty ideas for table setting in a season of strawberries (and not only in this season)


Favorite summer treats can become not only a source of exquisite taste pleasure, but also to encourage your inspiration in the decoration of the house! The experts of interior design are sure that berry shades cab be the inexhaustible subject for those who like the originality and rich colors.
Continue reading

Pirates of the Caribbean – A common but nice theme for a child’s room


This topic is very close to the sea theme, but we put it on a separate publication, while our opinion is that there are few reason for the popularity of this topic among the boys:
- A wave of interest to the movie Pirates of Caribbean with an incredibly popular character Jack Sparrow (and, therefore, this interest continues)
- Second, the boys always like to look like a hero
- Third, and it is really simple – fully positive and totally perfect heroes are not of a big interest and don’t inspire confidence in their ideal. Continue reading

Africa, Jungle, Savannah – more than 70 amazing ideas for decorating kids room in african-jungle style


Nowadays traditionally this interior decoration style is called a jungle-style, african style or savannah. I nthis article we describe the difference between them, talking about some fundamentals, they are only a few, because it is only about the style of one direction – African exotic. The child’s sex is not important, the subject can be considered multipurpose and for both boys and girls. Continue reading